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Communication and Relational Maintenance

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18 Jan 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
313 pages - 152 x 229 x 22mm


"Communication and Relational Maintenance" addresses the question, "How do people maintain their personal relationships?" Unlike the published works in this field that focus on relationship initiation or dissolution, this volume discusses the everyday processes used to maintain an on-going relationship. It discusses interpersonal communication, social-psychological factors relevant to maintenance, and the resolution of conflict. It focuses on everyday processes used to sustain personal relationships. It analyzes how communication skills affect relationship function. It discusses factors promoting marital stability and satisfaction. It elaborates upon the means and mechanisms for conflict resolution. It identifies dialectical approaches to the study of relationships.
Communication Action Approaches: D.J. Canary and L. Stafford, Maintaining Relationships through Strategic and Routine Interaction. M.E. Roloff and D.H. Cloven, When Partners Transgress: Maintaining Violated Relationships. S. Duck, Steady as (S)he Goes: Relational Maintenance as a Shared Meaning System. B.R. Burleson and W. Samter, A Social Skills Approach to Relational Maintenance: How Individual Differences in Communication Skills Affect the Achievement of Relationship Functions. K. Dindia, A Multiphasic View of Relationship Maintenance Strategies. Social Psychological Approaches: C.E. Rusbult, S.M. Drigotas, and J. Verette, The Investment Model: An Interdependence Analysis of Commitment Processes and Relationship Maintenance Phenomena. M. Attridge, Barriers to Dissolution of Romantic Relationships. A.L. Vangelisti and T.L. Huston, Maintaining Marital Satisfaction and Love. P.J. Marston and M.L. Hecht, Love Ways: An Elaboration and Application to Relational Maintenance. J.M. Gottman and S. Carrere, Why Can't Men and Women Get Along? Developmental Roots and Marital Inequities. Dialectical Approaches: L.A. Baxter, A Dialogic Approach to Relationship Maintenance. W.W. Wilmot, Relationship Rejuvination. W.K. Rawlins, Being There and Growing Apart: Sustaining Friendships during Adulthood. Epilogue: L. Stafford, Tracing the Treads of Spider Webs. Subject Index.

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