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Communication and Information Technologies Annual: [New] Media Cultures Vol: 11

Laura Robinson
Santa Clara University, USA

Jeremy Schulz
University of California Berkeley, USA

Shelia R. Cotten
Michigan State University, USA

Timothy Hale
Harvard Medical School, USA

Apryl A. Williams
Texas A&M University, USA

Joy L. Hightower
University of California Berkeley, USA

Product Details
09 Mar 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229 x 21mm
Studies in Media and Communications
Sponsored by the Communication and Information Technologies Section of the American Sociological Association, this volume examines wide-ranging aspects of culture, communication, and [new] media broadly defined. Themes include the interplay between [new] media and any of the following: culture, communication, technology, convergence, the arts, cultural production, and cultural change in the digital age. Contributions shed light on emergent phenomena that -sociologists, particularly those studying media or communication, culture scholars will find intriguing.
Introduction: Volume 11 - Laura Robinson, Jeremy Schulz, Shelia R. Cotten, Timothy M. Hale, Apryl A. Williams and Joy L. Hightower SECTION I: COMMUNICATIVE CULTURES On Violating One’s Own Privacy: N-adic Utterances and Inadvertent Disclosures in Online Venues - Xiaoli Tian and Daniel A. Menchik Couples’ Use of Technology in Maintaining Relationships - Xiaolin Zhuo SECTION II: MEDIA, CULTURE, AND IDENTITY Spectacles of Self(ie) Empowerment? Networked Individualism and the Logic of the (Post)Feminist Selfie - Stephen R. Barnard You’ve Been Catfished: An Analysis of Postemotionalism in “Reality” Television and Audience Response on Twitter - Apryl A. Williams Cultures of Experimentation: Role-Playing Games and Sexual Identity - Ciaran Devlin and Anne Holohan SECTION III: DIGITAL PUBLIC CULTURES Twitter Sentiments: Pattern Recognition and Poll Prediction - Francis P. Barclay, C. Pichandy, Anusha Venkat and Sreedevi Sudhakaran The Limits of Neoliberalism: How Writers and Editors Use Digital Technologies in the Literary Field - Matthew Clair The Role of Mass Media in the Transmission of Culture - Julie B. Wiest SECTION IV: METHODS FOR STUDYING MEDIA AND CULTURE Virtual Tours: Enhancing Qualitative Methodology to Holistically Capture Youth Peer Cultures - Ana Campos-Holland, Brooke Dinsmore and Jasmine Kelekay Sentiment Analysis of Polarizing Topics in Social Media: News Site Readers’ Comments on the Trayvon Martin Controversy - Gabe Ignatow, Nicholas Evangelopoulos and Konstantinos Zougris
Edited by Laura Robinson, Department of Sociology, Santa Clara University Jeremy Schulz, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, University of California, Berkeley Shelia R. Cotton, Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University Timothy M. Hale, Partners Center for Connected Health, Harvard Medical School Apryl A. Williams, Department of Sociology, Texas A&M University Joy L. Hightower, Department of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

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