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Collaborative Capital: Creating Intangible Value Vol: 11

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01 Jun 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies of Work Teams
Intangible forms of capital are being recognized in both research and practice as essential resources for fueling company growth. Forms of intangible capital include: intellectual, organizational, human, relationship, social, political, innovation, and collaborative. This volume consists of papers that focus on collaborative capital - broadly defined as the organizational assets that enable people to work together well. It is manifested in such outcomes as increased innovation and creativity, commitment and involvement, flexibility and adaptability, leveraging of knowledge, and enhanced learning. 'Collaborative capital' represents a core competency or strategic resource essential for building competitive advantage by enabling the creation of networks of conversations and relationships. However, it is seldom developed in a deliberate and systematic way, but rather as an incidental outcome of formal and informal organizational change. It may be deliberately increased by change in organizational systems, practices, design, learning, and culture. The term collaborative capital has seldom been used in research literature dealing with how people work together. Consequently, the meaning, measurement, and impact of collaborative capital in practice have not been explored to any significant extent. The papers in this volume launch that process with teaming contexts ranging from alliances and partnerships, to cross-national teams and cross-disciplinary teams.
Research Teams in an Australian Biotechnology Field: How Intellectual Property Influences Collaboration. Creating Cultures of Collaboration that Thrive on Diversity - A Transformational Perspective on Building Collaborative Capital. Exploiting Intellectual and Collaborative Capital for Innovation in Knowledge-Intensive Industries. Connecting Across Miles and Wires: Examining Collaborative Capital Development in Virtual Spaces. Striving for a New Ideal: A Work Environment to Energize Collaborative Capacity Across East and West Boundaries. Team-Member Exchange and Individual Contributions to Collaborative Capital in Organizations. Leading Together, Working Together: The Role of Team Shared Leadership in Building Collaborative Capital in Virtual Teams. Leadership, Collaborative Capital, and Innovation. Minimizing the Impact of Organizational Distress on Intellectual and Social Capital Through Development of Collaborative Capital. From Work Group to Team: The Growth of a City. Knotworking to Create Collaborative Intentionality Capital in Fluid Organizational Fields.

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