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Cognition & Strategy Vol: 32

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19 Aug 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
600 pages - 152 x 229 x 48mm
Advances in Strategic Management


The "cognitive foundations" of strategy have received increased attention in recent years. The last decade has witnessed a dramatic rise in empirical studies that seek to document the role of cognition in strategic outcomes, and in theoretical work that seeks to systematize this relationship. Drawing on psychological foundations in general, and on cognitive representation, framing, and categories in particular, this research has made significant progress, yet remains in a pre-paradigmatic phase where polysemy and terminological variety are still the norm.This volume has two goals. First, it intends to attract a representative sample of the most significant empirical and theoretical developments in the field of cognition and strategy. Second, it intends to take stock of these developments by proposing a preliminary synthesis of the disparate advances in this field.
Truce Breaking and Remaking: The CEO’s Role in Changing Organizational Routines. Microfoundations of Knowledge Recombination: Peripheral Knowledge and Breakthrough Innovation in Teams. Product Conceptual Systems: Toward a Cognitive Processing Model. Cognitive Categorization and Network Perception: Cognitive Aggregated Social Structures in Opaque Networks. The Nature of Expertise in Organization Design: Evidence from an Expert–Novice Comparison. Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance: Investigating Local Requirements for Entrepreneurial Decision-Making. Category Expectations, Category Spanning, and Market Outcomes. Understanding Organizational Advantage: How the Theory of Mind Adds to the Attention-Based View of the Firm. Competitive Memory: Bringing the Strategic Past into the Present. Managerial Overoptimism in Strategy Formulation: An Associative Explanation. Managing Market Attention. Organizational Attention and Technological Search in the Multibusiness Firm: Motorola from 1974 to 1997. A Design Cognition Perspective on Strategic Option Generation. Emotionalizing Strategy Research with the Repertory Grid Technique: Modifications and Extensions to a Robust Procedure for Mapping Strategic Knowledge. Cognition, Resources, and Opportunities: Managerial Judgment, Theories of Success and the Origin of Novel Strategies. Self-Assessment, Self-Enhancement, and the Choice of Comparison Organizations for Evaluating Organizational Performance. Cognitive Neurosciences and Strategic Management: Challenges and Opportunities in Tying the Knot. Leader Longevity, Cognitive Inertia, and Performance in Organizations with Stretch Goals: Evidence from “La Royale” and its Ambition to Gain Naval Supremacy Between 1689 and 1783. Copyright page. Cognition and Strategy. Introduction. Advances in Strategic Management. Cognition and Strategy. List of Contributors.

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