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Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction: An Asian Perspective Vol: 5

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12 Dec 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
496 pages - 156 x 234 x 43mm
Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management
Following on from Volume 4 in this series, which looked at issues and challenges with regard to Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Volume 5 has a specific focus on Asia. Arguably among the regions of the world most vulnerable to climate change, Asia has different mechanisms for CCA and DRR activities. Synergies between DRR and CCA in this region are necessary not only to avoid duplicities and derive optimal benefits from scarce resources but also to add value to projects through lessons learnt from a variety of perspectives. This volume provides 19 case studies from 13 countries and regions in Asia. The case studies highlight different aspects of CCA-DRR entry points, such as policy interventions, drought risk management, coastal management, agro-forestry, lagoon management, livelihood issues and risk communication. A valuable aid to students and researchers in the field of disaster risk reduction, climate change, environmental studies and related risks, it provides a greater awareness on the current trend of research in the field also for practitioners and policy makers applying the collective knowledge into policy and decision making.
List of Contributors. List of Editors. Brief Introduction to the Series. Brief Introduction to the Volume. Preface. Chapter 1 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: An Asian perspective. Chapter 2 Impacts of climate change induced hazards and adaptation processes in Bangladesh: an overview. Chapter 3 Overview of drought risk reduction approaches in Bangladesh. Chapter 4 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Cambodia. Chapter 5 Integrated climate change adaptation in Chilika lagoon fisheries, India. Chapter 6 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction experiences in Japan. Chapter 7 Forest management as an adaptation option in mountain areas of Japan. Chapter 8 Mainstreaming climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: A Malaysian approach. Chapter 9 Climate change adaptation in Nepal: Issues and strategies. Chapter 10 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Pakistan. Chapter 11 Integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Initiatives and challenges in the Philippines. Chapter 12 Local adaptation to enhance livelihood assets and build resilience in Albay, Philippines. Chapter 13 Climate change and disaster risks: The Singapore response. Chapter 14 Climate change adaptation and agroforestry in Sri Lanka. Chapter 15 Coastal ecosystems and climate vulnerability in Sri Lanka. Chapter 16 The experiences of DRR through CCA in Taiwan. Chapter 17 Water insecurities and climate change adaptation in Thailand. Chapter 18 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Vietnam. Chapter 19 Local vulnerability and adaptation to extreme climate events along the central coast of Vietnam. Chapter 20 Identifying linkages between rates and distributions of malaria, water-born diseases and influenza with climate variability and climate change in Vietnam. Chapter 21 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: Key challenges and ways forward. Community, environment and disaster risk Management. Copyright page.

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