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Class and Stratification Analysis Vol: 30

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06 Feb 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 35mm
Comparative Social Research


This volume of "Comparative Social Research" emphasizes unsolved issues and new developments within class and stratification analysis, discussing both theoretical and methodological innovations and revisions. Studies of social stratification comprises a range of topics, such as social mobility, economic inequality, labor market inequalities, ethnic stratification, gender inequality, family patterns, educational attainment, and health inequality, the stratification of cultural consumption, life styles, values and attitudes. Comparative analysis has also revealed cross-national differentiation in stratification processes, partly related to welfare state arrangements and national policies. Yet all academic fields move forward, and with its vital research community social stratification research also engages in efforts to improve stratification analysis. This involves discussions on theoretical definitions and conceptual clarifications, social mechanisms and modeling techniques and measurements.
List of Contributors. List of Reviewers. EDITORIAL BOARD. Introduction. Class, Occupation, Wages, and Skills: The Iron Law of Labor Market Inequality. Educational Choices and Social Interactions: A Formal Model and a Computational Test. Occupational Standing and Occupational Stratification by Cognitive Ability. Analysing Intergenerational Transmissions: From Social Mobility to Social Reproduction. Inching up: The Labour Market Position of the Second-Generation Immigrants in Britain and the United States (1990–2000). Lifestyles and Social Stratification: An Explorative Study of France and Norway. From Abstract to Concrete: The Practical Relevance of Parents’ Economic and Cultural Capital for Persistence in Higher Education. Completion of Upper Secondary Education: What Mechanisms are at Stake?. Identifying and Explaining Hidden Disadvantage within the Non-Manual Group in Higher Education Access. Measuring Social Inequality In Educational Attainment. Reproduction of Economic Inequalities: Are the Figures for the United States and United Kingdom Too High?. The International Standard Classification of Education 2011. Class and Stratification Analysis. Comparative social research. Comparative social research. Copyright page.

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