Chinese Families: Tradition, Modernization, and Change Vol: 16

Man-yee Kan
Oxford University, UK

Sampson Lee Blair
State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

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25 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
340 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
Over the past half of a century, Chinese societies have undergone a tremendous amount of social, political, and economic change, which have also been a catalyst for substantial shifts in fundamental structures and processes within Chinese families. This edited collection focuses on the continuities and changes in gender and intergenerational relations of Chinese families in Greater China. 

Paying close attention to families in Greater China, including the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the authors address a wide array of topics, including marriage patterns, cohabitation, rural-urban variations in family structures, fertility aspirations, spousal relationships and marital quality, and more. Collectively, the chapters point to the dynamic, diverse, and evolving nature of Chinese families, and also provide considerable insight into their future trajectories.
Chapter 1. Changes in the Association Between Education and Cohabitation in Post-reform China; Wei Wang and Man-Yee Kan 
Chapter 2. Like Mother, Like Daughter? Mother-Daughter Educational Mobility in Rural China; Manting Chen 
Chapter 3. Satisfaction with Family Status and Housework Participation in Modern China; Man-Yee Kan, Gloria Guangye He and Xiaogang Wu 
Chapter 4. Satisfaction of Division of Household Labor in China; Fang Fang  
Chapter 5. Couple Similarity and Life satisfaction: A Study of Young Couples in Shanghai; Ke Shen, H. Brin Xu, Omkar Joshi and Feinian Chen
Chapter 6. Gender Egalitarianism and Subjective Well-being Among Older Adults in China; Chengming Han and Jiehua Lu  
Chapter 7. Housework Participation and Fertility Intentions: Analysing the Gendered Division of Labour and Fertility in Taiwan; Kamila Kolpashnikova and Man-Yee Kan
Chapter 8. Multigenerational Experiences of Females in Taiwanese Families; Ting-yu Su 
Chapter 9. The Policy Measures Used by the Hong Kong Government to Respond to the Adult Worker Model and the Male-Breadwinner Model; Sam Wai Kam Yu, Iris Po Yee Lo and Ruby Chui Man Chau 
Chapter 10. Attitudes towards Marriage among Chinese and American College Students: A Comparative Study; Timothy J. Madigan
Man-yee Kan is Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Oxford. Her research interests are gender inequalities in the family and the labour market, and time use research. She is the principal investigator of the European Research Council funded project GenTime - Temporal Structures of Gender Inequalities in Asian and Western Welfare Regimes (2018-2023). 

Sampson Lee Blair is a family sociologist at The State University of New York (Buffalo). His research focuses upon parent-child relationships, mate selection, marriage, and fertility. A Fulbright Scholar Award recipient, he has served as chair of the Children and Youth research section of the ASA, and has taught in China and the Philippines.

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