China and Europe’s Partnership for a More Sustainable World: Challenges and Opportunities

Francesca Spigarelli
University of Macerata, Italy

Louise Curran
Toulouse Business School, France

Alessia Arteconi
Università eCampus, Novedrate, Italy

Product Details
26 Jul 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
328 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
This book gathers the main scientific outputs related to POREEN, a four-year project on partnering opportunities between Europe and China in the renewable energy and environmental industries, financed by the European Commission. It investigates the main challenges and opportunities related to Sino-European cooperation in the green sector with a focus on sustainable growth. The first part of the book outlines the characteristics of Chinese and European cooperation, from a policy, macro and microeconomic point of view. It examines the key elements of green policy developed so far, bilateral trade flows, as well as bilateral investment flows. The second part presents an overview and recommendations on what legal framework is necessary to boost integration between Europe and China. In addition, corporate social responsibility and firm related aspects are considered. The third part of the book focuses on engineering-related research activity. It highlights the state of the art of Europe-China cooperation in key areas such as low carbon buildings, mobility and transportation that may have a huge potential impact on bilateral cooperation between Europe and China in the years ahead.
PART I EUROPE AND CHINA INTEGRATION THROUGH TRADE AND FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTS 1. Policies That Promote Environmental Industry in China - Haitao Yin, Francesca Spigarelli, Xuemei Zhang and Hui Zhou 2. The Environmental Goods Trade between China and the EU: Development and Influencing Factors - Ruxiao Qu and Yanping Zeng 3. International Integration and Uneven Development: An Enquiry into the Spatial Distribution of Foreign Firms in China - Hongbo Cai and Eleonora Cutrini 4. The Liability of Foreignness of EU Environmental Protection Companies in China: Manifestations and Mitigating Strategies - Lee Keng Ng and Louise Curran 5. The Renewable Energy Industry in Europe: Business and Internationalization Models. A Focus on the Chinese Market - Elena Cedrola and Loretta Battaglia 6. China’s FDI in the EU’s Environmental Protection Industries - Chunming Zhao, Mi Dai, Qun Zhang and Lei Wen 7. Chinese OFDI to Germany in the Environmental Industries: A Multiple Case Study - Katiuscia Vaccarini, Francesca Spigarelli, Christoph Lattemann, Federico Salvatelli and Ernesto Tavoletti PART II ENVIRONMENT AND REGULATIONS 8. China: The Long March toward a Virtuous Environmental Legal Framework - Lihong Zhang 9. Chinese Environmental Protection: Between National Laws and Governance System - Federica Monti 10. Efficient Energy Systems in the Chinese Electricity Sector: Some Legal Issues - Fabio Lorusso 11. Corporate Social Responsibility Standards in Green Energy Industry: A Comparison between European Union and China - Giuseppe A. Policaro and Paolo Rossi 12. Energy Investments in China and the Role of Environmental Regulation: The Legal Perspective - Changmian Zhang and Piercarlo Rossi PART III ALTERNATIVE FUELS AND LOW CARBON BUILDINGS: RESEARCH TRENDS IN EUROPE AND CHINA 13. The Feasibility of Liquefied Methane as an Alternative Fuel in Europe and China - Marco Spitoni, Fabio Polonara and Alessia Arteconi 14. Vapor Compression Heat Pumps and District Thermal Energy Networks for Efficient Building Heating and Cooling - Neil Hewitt, Ye Huang, Mingjun Huang and Caterina Brandoni 15. Research on Biomass Energy Utilization in Chinese Rural Area - Xu Zhang, Mingling Zhai, Yanyan Wang, Yulei Gao, Haoliang Zhao, Xiang Zhou and Jun Gao 16. Novel Energy Systems for Smart Houses - Yong Li and Ruzhu Wang
Edited by Francesca Spigarelli, University of Macerata, Macerata, Italy Louise Curran, Toulouse Business School, Toulouse, France Alessia Arteconi, Università eCampus, Novedrate, Italy

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