China’s Global Disruption: Myths and Reality

Chi Lo
Senior Economist, Hong Kong

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11 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Those who study China’s domestic economics tend to focus on its businesses, industries, supply chains, and energy market disruption through anecdotal case studies, which often point to impending collapse. This hardly squares with the dominant views of international relations scholarship, much of which focuses on system-level analyses and tends to predict that China will inevitably achieve ever-greater global power. It is no wonder that so many long-held assumptions about China have an air of paradox to them. 

Here Chi Lo presents the first full-length study to bring systemic analyses into dialog with domestic analyses, and in so doing, to show how each can challenge or refine the assumptions of the other. Taking on key presuppositions about the resilience (or otherwise) of China’s economic fundamentals, and explaining why much of the global “common sense” about China is misinformed, this book applies evidence-based research to provide a novel picture of China’s development and its place within the global economic system. 

China’s Global Disruption: Myths and Reality is a must-read for students and researchers in both international studies and economics, and it is of keen interest to policymakers and practitioners concerned with China’s ever-evolving place within the international political economy.
Chapter 1. China’s Global Disruption: From Digital Currency to Covid-19 
Chapter 2. The Chinese Emperor Shock 
Chapter 3. The China – U.S. Tech Race 
Chapter 4. The Sum of All Fears 
Chapter 5. China’s Role in the Global Market Cycle 
Chapter 6. The Debt Time Bomb 
Chapter 7. The Crooked Debate of China’s Debt Risk 
Chapter 8. China and the Currency War 
Chapter 9. From Trade War to Global Disruption 
Chapter 10. Renminbi Internationalisation 
Chapter 11. The Disruptive Belt and Road Initiative 
Chapter 12. Global Disruption – the New Normal
Chi Lo is a senior economist for a multinational bank and has worked in senior positions for international banks in Asia, Europe and North America. He is also a part-time university lecturer in Hong Kong and is the author of twelve books on Chinese and Asian economic development.

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