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Children's Lives and Schooling across Societies Vol: 15

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21 Apr 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
292 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in the Sociology of Education


In recent decades, sociological research has investigated the nature of the school institution and its uneven effects on the progress of families, societies, and the global community. Yet, relatively little comparative research on schooling has dealt in a serious way with links between schooling and the other major contexts of childhood: families and communities. This edition of "Research in the Sociology of Education" speaks to the diverse contexts in which children function around the world, and to how these contexts shape school experiences and outcomes. The edition's authors are international and interdisciplinary. They offer a pastiche of perspectives on a single topic: how the non-school contexts of childhood interact with the school institution to advance modern and not-so-modern forms of virtue, merit, and attainment, in cultural context. This book offers qualitative and statistical portraits of children living in Asian and African countries. It links educational opportunities to the child's socialization. It urges social scientists and policy makers to consider a child's surroundings when modeling the modern school system. This book series is available electronically online.
Acknowledgments Chapter 1 Overview Childrens Lives and Schooling across Societies Emily Hannum and Bruce Fuller Chapter 2 Community Matters in China Jennifer H. Adams Chapter 3 Social Capital Formation through Chinese School Communities Heidi Ross and Jing Lin Chapter 4 Girls Schooling and Marriage in Rural Bangladesh Simeen Mahmud and Sajeda Amin Chapter 5 Gendered Homes and Classrooms Schooling in Rural Nepal Jennifer Rothchild Chapter 6 Families, Schools, and Reading in Asia and Latin America Hyunjoon Park and Gary D. Sandefur Commentary A The Contexts of Childrens Lives in Asia: Families, Schools and Communities Emily Hannum Chapter 7 Childrens Work and School Attendance in Ghana Niels-Hugo Blunch Chapter 8 Demand for Schooling among Orphans in Zimbabwe Craig Gundersen, Thomas Kelly, and Kyle Jemison Commentary B Childrens Work, Health, and School Demand Bruce Fuller Chapter 9 Alienation from Learning among Poor Ethiopian Children in Israel Gad Yair and Orit Gazit Commentary C Home Environs and Alienation from School Daniel Bekele About the editors and authors

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