Childbearing and the Changing Nature of Parenthood: The Contexts, Actors, and Experiences of Having Children Vol: 14

Rosalina Pisco Costa
Universidade de Évora, Portugal

Sampson Lee Blair
The State University of New York, USA

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25 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
Around the globe, the very conceptualization of family is associated with the relationship between a parent and a child. The birth of a child represents both the end of one experience, and the beginning of another. Entry into parenthood represents a fundamental shift in family structure and family dynamics, wherein the child brings new responsibilities within the family and upon the larger society, particularly in regards to population issues. 

In order to better understand the transitions into parenthood, this multidisciplinary volume of CPFR will address such topics as: employment and fertility, childbearing desires versus childbearing outcomes, the social media construction of parenthood, gender differences in childrearing, parental discipline and child outcomes, among others. This volume will contain research on parenthood and parenting from around the world, and is intended to provide a more global perspective of these issues. Given that these topics range across various disciplines, a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches are utilized in the research herein.
Chapter 1. Putting Gender on Ice: Preserving Motherhood in Media Coverage of Elective Egg and Sperm Freezing; Ashlyn M. Jaeger 
Chapter 2. Becoming Mum: Exploring the Emergence and Formulation of a Mothers' Identity during the Transition into Motherhood; Samantha Reveley  
Chapter 3. Contextual Influences on Contraception Use among Poor Women in Pakistan; Hassan Raza Brad van Eeden-Moorefield Soyoung Lee Lisa Lieberman 
Chapter 4. Doing Becoming a Mother: The Gendering of Parenthood in Birth-Preparation Classes in Germany; Marion Müller Nicole Zillien Julia Gerstewitz 
Chapter 5. Midwives in Ontario Hospitals: the Mainstreaming of "Alternative" Childbearing; Melodie Cardin 
Chapter 6. The Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Contemporary Turkey: The Effect of Risk Discourses for Turkish Women's Experiences; Zehra Zeynep Sadıkoğlu 
Chapter 7. Going It Alone: A Multigenerational Investigation of Women's Perceptions of Single Mothers by Choice Versus Circumstance; Christina L. Scott Siri Wilder Justine Bennett 
Chapter 8. Building a Family within a Non-Heterosexual Couple: Struggles, Fears, Representations and Practices; Filomena Santos Rita Dias 
Chapter 9. A Qualitative Inquiry: Reflections on Pregnancy, Birth, and Transition to Parenthood Experiences of African American Couples with a Toddler Son; Sheresa Boone Blanchard Tacy Rae LeBaron
Rosalina Pisco Costa is assistant professor at the Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Évora (Portugal) and integrated researcher with CICS.NOVA.UÉvora - The Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences. She has a PhD in Sociology, and a master's degree specialization in Family and Population studies. She works mainly in the Sociology of the Family, Childhood, Everyday Life and Consumption Studies, while crosswise exploring different Social Research Methodologies.  
Dr. Sampson Lee Blair is a family sociologist at The State University of New York (Buffalo). His research focuses upon parent-child relationships, with particular emphasis on child and adolescent development. As a Fulbright Scholar Award recipient (2010), he studied parental involvement and children's educational attainment in the Philippines. Most recently, he was elected as Vice-President (North America) of the Research Committee on Youth in the International Sociological Association.

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