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Charity With Choice Vol: 13

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23 Mar 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
276 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Research in Experimental Economics


Four years ago "Research in Experimental Economics" published experimental evidence on fundraising and charitable contributions. This volume returns to the intrigue with philanthropy. Employing a mixture of laboratory and field experiments as well as theoretical research we present this new volume, "Charity with Choice". New waves of experiments are taking advantage of well calibrated environments established by past efforts to add new features to experiments such as endogeneity and self-selection. Adventurous new research programs are popping up and some of them are captured here in this volume. Among the major themes in which the tools of choice, endogeneity, and self-selection are employed are: What increases or decreases charitable activity? and How do organizational and managerial issues affect the performance of non-profit organizations?
List of Contributors. Experiments with public goods: From cooperation to formation. Tacit coordination in contribution-based grouping with two endowment levels. The efficiency-equality tradeoff in public sector charity provision. Retained earnings maximizing nonprofit enterprises. Endogenous production technology in a public goods enterprise. What can social preferences tell us about charitable giving? Evidence on responses to price of giving, matching, and rebates. Charity auctions in the experimental lab. Research in experimental economics. Research in experimental economics. Copyright page.

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