Changes in European Energy Markets: What the Evidence Tells Us

Felicetta Iovino
University of Sannio, Italy

Nicholas Tsitsianis
Queen Mary University of London, UK

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03 Jan 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 129 x 198mm
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Following the liberalization of EU energy markets, more than three hundred gas and electricity companies entered the market to substitute state-run monopolies. A sizeable shift has taken place within the European energy sector, one that remains only partially understood at best.  

Focusing on the financial performance of retail energy firms between 2008 and 2017, and taking the Italian market as its exemplar—a market that has arguably undergone the most significant transformation in Europe—Changes in European Energy Markets provides a critical and up-to-date analysis of this major development. Based on a comprehensive literature review and a wealth of data, the authors provide a compelling and much-needed account of the intensity and pace of change in the sector, which has been far from uniform. 

Changes in European Energy Markets is a must-read for students, researchers, practitioners and policymakers concerned with the seismic changes that have occurred within EU energy markets over the past decade.
Chapter 1. European Energy Markets: The Liberalization Processes  
Chapter 2. Italian Energy Markets: Structure and Functioning 
Chapter 3. The Methodology of the Research 
Chapter 4. The Financial Performance of Energy Companies: A Review of Literature 
Chapter 5. Analysis of the Financial Performance of the Electricity and Gas Companies: Empirical Evidence from the Italian Case
Felicetta Iovino is a Fellow at the University of Sannio and Visiting Researcher at the Queen Mary University of London. Her research interests include financial performance, tourism, energy policy and energy companies. 
Nicholas Tsitsianis is Senior Lecturer at the Queen Mary University of London. His research focuses on analysing firms, their financial and accounting performance, corporate governance and individual labour market trends.

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