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Case and Care Management Vol: 6

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20 Mar 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 150 x 230 x 22mm
Advances in Medical Sociology


This is the sixth volume in a series dedicated to publishing current research and conceptual papers in the broad ranging area of the sociology of health.
Organisational theory in the case and care management of health care, Gary L. Albrecht and Karen E. Peters; com-munities of care - a theoretical perspective on case manage-ment models in mental health, Bernice A. Pescosolido, Eric R. Wright and Patrick Sullivan; case management across organ-isational boundaries, Susan Hughes; case management - it is "cost" management for employee health benefits?, Judith Barr; professionals and laypeople in the management of a chronic illness in children - the care performed by families compared to medical teams, Renee Waissman; community-based case management for active injecting drug users, Judith A. Levy, Teri Strenski and Daniel J. Amick; developing community resources for a stigmatised population, Lawrence J. Ouellet, Matta Kelley, Andrea Coward and W. Wayne Wiebel; case manager and client - process analysis of the relationship in a short-term programme for drug injection users and sex partners, Victor Lidz and Martin Y. Iguchi; the impact of short term case management on cancer patients' needs and quality of life, Vince Mor, Margaret Wool, Edward Gundagnoli and Susan Allen; assessing the implementation of a case management intervention for the homeless, Cheryl I. Hultman, Kendon J. Conrad, Annie R. Pope, William C. Baxter, Joe Lisiecki and Phil Elbaum; database management systems for case management programmes, Colleen Monahan, Mary Szpur, Rosemary Manago, and Kathryn Smith; evaluating the cost effectiveness of case management, Robert J. Rydman.

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