Campus Diversity Triumphs: Valleys of Hope Vol: 20

Sherwood Thompson
Eastern Kentucky University, USA

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28 Aug 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Diversity in Higher Education
Today's Chief Diversity Officers face tremendous challenges. Among those are threats to Affirmative Action admissions and financial aid programs, the dearth of faculty and staff of color in Predominantly White Institutions, the scarcity of funds to carry out institutional diversity mandates, and the need to play mentor to a vast array of individuals--faculty, staff, students and community stakeholders--with minimum staff support. 

This book addresses how these and other challenges are tackled by providing valuable insight into the innovative work that Chief Diversity Officers perform. It provides insightful accounts into the diversity program successes and promising practices by diversity officers working on college and university campuses in the United States. Contributors draw upon their experiences as educators working to sustain diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and social justice on college campuses and describe how they have designed successful diversity and inclusive excellence initiatives which had a profound positive impact on all demographic populations.
ForewordDwight C. Watson 
IntroductionSherwood Thompson
Part I. Innovations, Perspectives, and Trends
Chapter 1. A Five-Point Model to Attract, Affirm, and Advance African American Academics; Angela Webster 
Chapter 2. Engaging Faculty in Campus Transformation: The Diversity Fellows Program; Ken Coopwood, Sr. and Shirlene Smith Augustine 
Chapter 3. Building a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate for Transformative Campus Change; Michelle Garfield Cook and Shonte Wallace Matthews 
Chapter 4. To Bridge of Not To Bridge: The Importance of Academic and Social Connection Efforts in Summer Bridge Programs; Kevin G. McDonald  
Chapter 5. Am I This or That?: Supporting Queer and Trans Students of Color; Romeo Jackson and K. Martinez 
Chapter 6. Diversity Need Not Apply: The Reality of Campus Culture; Robert Canida, II
Part II. Diversity in Medical Universities and Health Care
Chapter 7. Intercultural Consciousness: A Premedical Teaching Methodology; De'Andrea Matthews  
Chapter 8. From Dream to Hope: The Success of the Chicago Area Health and Medical Careers program; Mildred M. G. Olivier, John Bradley and Clarisse C. Croteau-Chonka
Chapter 9. Building Institutional Climate Support for Underrepresented Students in the Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences; Craig C. Brookins, Erin R. Banks and Amy Leonard Clay
Chapter 10. The Rabb-Venable Excellence in Research Program: Increasing the Participation of Underrepresented Minority Students and Residents in Ophthalmology; Mildred M.G. Olivier, Eydie Miller-Ellis and Clarisse C. Croteau-Chonka
Part III. Institutional Inclusive Excellence
Chapter 11. The Senior Diversity Officer Is a Beacon for Campus Diversity and Inclusion; Sherwood Thompson
Chapter 12. Integrating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into the DNA of Public Universities: Reflections of a Chief Diversity Officer; Denise O'Neil Green
Chapter 13. Carpe Diem in Two Acts: How an Equity and Diversity Framework Anchors and Activates Equity and Diversity Work in Higher Education; Katrice A. Albert, Michael Goh and Virajita Singh
Chapter 14. Advocating For a Diversity and Inclusion Commitment at Liberal Arts Colleges: Essential Conversations in the Role of the Chief Diversity Officer; Juan Armando Rojas Joo
EpilogueSherwood Thompson
Sherwood Thompson is Professor at the College of Education, Eastern Kentucky University, USA. He has directed diversity programs for three Carnegie Foundation Divisions-I public research universities and one regional Polytechnic University. In this capacity he held an array of leadership positions in departments that served the academic needs of diverse students, faculty, and staff. He is the editor of two books: Views From the Frontline: Voices of Conscience on College Campuses and the two-volume Encyclopaedia of Diversity and Social Justice, and he is co-editor of Coping With Gender Inequities: Critical Conversations of Women Faculty.

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