CSR for Purpose, Shared Value and Deep Transformation: The New Responsibility

Virginia Munro
Griffith University, Australia

Product Details
14 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm


As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution and usher in Globalization 4.0, it is more urgent than ever to commit to social and environmental goals such as those outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The theory, research, and practice of concepts such as shared purpose, shared value, and corporate social responsibility have evolved rapidly in order to respond to change and transformation in society, but only in a scattershot, poorly understood way, with no single study offering an integrated view of these dramatic transitions.
Emphasizing a global perspective, CSR for Purpose, Shared Value and Deep Transformation takes long-overdue stock of how such transformations are integrated within the trajectory of CSR's core concepts. Taking a deep dive into social entre- and intrapreneurship, innovation, shared value, social impact, stakeholder engagement, and the development of the UN SDGs beyond 2030 Virginia Munro provides a framework for understanding the evolving role of the corporate dollar in the pursuit of a global ecosystem that is more inclusive of all stakeholders.
For its theoretical rigor as well as its easily digestible case studies, this book is a must-read for both researchers and students of innovative 'preneurship' and CSR-related concepts, and for those struggling to understand the 'new normal' in a setting for 'new responsibility'.
The foreword for this book is written by acknowledged CSR guru and Emeritus Professor Archie Carroll. Additional endorsements supporting this book are supplied by various practitioners and academics including ex-Deputy-Director General of UNESCO and Emeritus Professor Colin Power.
Chapter 1. CSR Historical and Emerging Themes of CSR and Related Terms
Chapter 2. The Emergence of CSR Social Initiatives in a Research Setting 
Chapter 3. The Universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Purpose and Change
Chapter 4. Creating Shared Value (CSV) for Social Initiatives and Shared Purpose 
Chapter 5. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Solving Wicked Challenges Through CSR
Chapter 6. The Future of CSR and the New Ecosystem for CSR 4.0
Chapter 7. Overall Summary and Conclusion
Dr Virginia Munro works on CSR social initiatives and shared value alongside stakeholder engagement to solve wicked problems with impact, while adopting an interdisciplinary approach driven by both academic and business discourse. An award-winning researcher and writer, she has significant practitioner experience working in developing and developed countries across both the Asia-Pacific and Middle East African regions.

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