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Business-to-Business Marketing Management: Strategies, Cases and Solutions Vol: 18

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04 Apr 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing


This book provides knowledge and skill-building training exercises in managing marketing decisions in business-to-business (B2B) contexts. The topic coverage is broad and deep. The intent is for the book to help answer four questions: (1) what questions should executives ask when crafting and implementing effective strategies in B2B contexts; (2) what tentative answers may be useful for executives to consider to these questions; (3) what skills in crafting strategies and decisions are necessary for executives to excel in for achieving effective outcomes consistently; and how should the B2B go about acquiring these skills?
List of Contributors. EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD. About the Editors. Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction to Business-to-Business Marketing Management: Strategies, Cases, and Solutions. Chapter 2 A Note on Knowledge Development in Marketing. Chapter 3 The Organizational Buying Center as a Framework for Emergent Topics in Business-to-Business Marketing. Chapter 4 Monitoring Segmented Markets: Relational and Transactional Perspectives. Chapter 5 Availability of Resources through Buyer–Seller Relationships. Chapter 6 Multistage Marketing. Chapter 7 Interaction: Coherence to a Future. Chapter 8 Switching Costs: A Key to Understanding and Managing Business Consulting Relationship Longevity. Chapter 9 Emerging Transformations in the Business-to-Business Global Salesforce. Chapter 10 Analyzing the B2B Brand Value Chain. Chapter 11 What's a Business-to-Business Company? B2B Knowledge of Future Business Leaders. Chapter 12 Economic Value, Frames of Reference, and the Impact of Framed Positioning Strategies in Business-to-Business Markets. Chapter 13 Implemented Strategies in Business-to-Business Contexts. Business-to-Business Marketing Management: Strategies, Cases, and Solutions. Advances in Business Marketing & Purchasing. Advances in Business Marketing & Purchasing. Copyright page.

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