Business and Corporation Engagement with Higher Education: Models, Theories and Best Practices

Morgan R. Clevenger
Wilkes University, USA

Cynthia J. MacGregor
Missouri State University, USA

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18 Jan 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229mm


This book further explores the behavior aspects of corporate-higher education inter-organizational relationships by culminating various theories and models addressing the space where U.S. corporations and American higher education intersect. Examples are provided regarding the attraction, motivations, and maintenance needed for higher education to create win-win relationships with businesses. This work offers a new approach to the corporate citizenship literature by providing a broad, holistic review of frameworks to understand the range of motives and expectations of corporate engagement in the American society as evidenced by inter-organizational relationships with higher education.
By providing an insight to better design and to manage inter-organizational relationships, this book will prove invaluable to both higher education practitioners and corporations alike.
List of Figures
Chapter 1: At the Intersect of Business and Higher Education: Historical, Theoretical, and Empirical Perspectives on Inter-Organizational Relationships; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor
Chapter 2: Long-term Business Agendas to Contribute to Society; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor 
Chapter 3: Corporate Philanthropy; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor with C. J. Ryan 
Chapter 4: Stakeholder Management and Corporate Social Responsibility; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor 
Chapter 5: Corporate Citizenship; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor
Chapter 6: Inside Corporations: How They Think and Behave; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor 
Chapter 7: How Higher Education Thinks and Behaves; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor with C. J. Ryan 
Chapter 8: Higher Educational Engagement in Economic Development in Collaboration with Corporate Powerhouses; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor with Michael Fortunato and Ted Alter 
Chapter 9: Career Development Strategies Serving Businesses and Corporations; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor with Dina Piepoli Udomsak, Carol Bosack and Sharon Castano 
Chapter 10: Modern Expectations and Implications: The New Ecology, Ethics, and Future Directions of Inter-organizational Relationships; Morgan R. Clevenger and Cynthia J. MacGregor 
Appendix A: Field of Organizational Theory Concept Map
Appendix B: The Additional Enlightened Companies
Morgan R. Clevenger, EdD, MBA is an award-winning professor and researcher and is a post-doctoral fellow with Monarch Business School, Switzerland in Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Business Ethics. Clevenger is erstwhile associate professor of entrepreneurship at Wilkes University, USA. Having worked more than two decades in higher education and nonprofits, he understands the importance of quality programs, academic standards and teaching methodologies, lifelong and hands-on learning, networking, research, and resource development. Presently, he is President and CEO of the national management and research consulting company, Clevenger & Company Management Consultants, Inc. The company focuses on strategic planning and training in: corporate social responsibility, fundraising, nonprofit management, market research, and entrepreneurship. His research interests include corporate citizenship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ecosystems and communities, family business, and nonprofit management. 
Cynthia J. MacGregor, EdD, is a professor in the Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education Department at Missouri State University, USA, and serves as the site coordinator for the regional portion of a statewide EdD program in educational leadership offered through the university. Her professional employment has included Drury University, Burrell Mental Health Center, Missouri State University, and the University of Missouri in a variety of faculty, mental health, and student support roles. Her background in psychology and adult education brings a non-native perspective to the challenges of PK-20 education. Her unique vantage point, combined with her pragmatic worldview, allows her to see vexing problems within education and propose novel and systemic solutions.

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