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Business Strategy and Sustainability Vol: 3

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27 Apr 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility


This volume examines the word that's on everybody's lips in business, in government and in society - sustainability. There are of course many aspects of sustainability which might be considered to reflect Brundtland's three pillars of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Others of course have different definitions which include such things as governance or supply chain management. Nevertheless business has recognised the significance of the concept and is responding by developing strategies to cope, although some would say that this is little more than window dressing. The debate continues however as to just what is meant by the term sustainability as far as business is concerned and how can this be achieved. This book is designed to address this debate and set it within the context of the global business and societal environment.
List of Contributors. Introduction. About the contributors. Chapter 1 Accounting, Sustainability and Equity. Chapter 2 The Global Financial Crisis: A Failure of Corporate Governance?. Chapter 3 Sustaining Multinational Strategic Performance Through Value Chain Based Competitive Advantage. Chapter 4 Norms of Corporate Social Responsibility: Densification or Degeneration?. Chapter 5 Online Reporting of Sustainability: A Study of Global Clothing Suppliers. Chapter 6 Comparative Corporate Social Responsibility in the United Kingdom and Turkey. Chapter 7 The Relationship between CSR, Profitability and Sustainability in China. Chapter 8 Sustainability Strategies in Public Service. Chapter 9 A Sustainability Example Planning in the Spanish Public Sector. Chapter 10 Millennium's Dilemma: Genetically Modified Products from the Social Responsibility Perspective. Chapter 11 Challenges of Environmental Accounting in Tourism Destination as a Trend of Sustainable Development. Index. Business Strategy and Sustainability. Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility. Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility. Copyright page.

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