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Business, Society and Politics: Multinationals in Emerging Markets Vol: 28

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11 Dec 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
450 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
International Business and Management
This volume looks at interaction between business firms and socio-political actors in emerging markets - and how this relationship can be managed - and deals with the interconnection between the socio-political organizations in emerging markets and MNCs. Inferring to different business perspectives, the volume includes papers studying firms' strategic actions towards socio-political organizations, i.e. the interplay with socio-political actors and how this affects firms' competitive advantage in a particular market. The book discusses this in relation to a number of critical strategic areas such as brand building, market orientation and CSR. It also offers a number of practical illustrations from empirical studies from different markets. In this volume different authors contribute chapters focusing on diverse empirical and theoretical aspects covering the impact of socio-political environments on the success of international firms.
List of Contributors. About the Editors. About the Authors. Foreword. Preface. Introduction. The Three Pillars: Business, State and Society: MNCs in Emerging Markets. Creating Socially Responsible Value Chains: Role of Companies, Governments and NGOs. Activating Stakeholders: An Approach by MNCs in Emerging Markets. Political Strategies as a Response to Public and Private Stakeholder Pressures. Market Communication as Socio-Political Activity in Emerging Markets. Between Neighbours’ Heat and Colonial Ties’ Comfort: Does Distance Really Matter?. Managing Political Actors Through Network Partners: Market-Driving Multinationals in Emerging Markets. The Importance of Nurturing Political Connections for Emerging Multinationals: Evidence from Brazil. Internationalization of Swedish Banks in Russia and the Impact of Political Environment. National Governments and Power Relationships in Multinational Companies: The Case of the EADS Group. Business and Political Interactions in Emerging Markets: Experiences from China, South Africa and Turkey. The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Foreign Market Entry Process — The Case of Korean MNCs in the Chinese Electronics Industry. Co-operating to Tackle Environmental Issues in Emerging Markets: The Case of a Partnership Between a Finnish NGO and a Russian Water Utility. Innovation Through Business and NGO Co-operation: The Case of Digital Inclusion in the Amazon. Tracking the Aftermath of a Corporate Scandal from a Network Perspective: The Case of Roche in Turkey. Intersection of Roles Between States and Multinationals in Emerging Markets. Business, Society and Politics. International Business and Management. International Business and Management. Copyright page.

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