Business Plasticity Through Disorganization

Dinuka B. Herath
University of Huddersfield, UK

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24 Apr 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 152 x 229mm
Disorganization occurs in all areas of modern business; and yet, disorganization has traditionally been viewed as a negative factor in business and organization performance. However, in a dynamic 21st century environment our conventional structured, rigid responses in dealing with such messiness are not working.  

Business Plasticity Through Disorganization presents a novel approach to both academics and practitioners on how to break the shackles of rigidity and eliminate our fear of disorganization. Through a chronological discussion of the birth of the concept of 'disorganization' and its gradual evolution into 'business plasticity', the book explores ways in which embracing and leveraging messiness can help improve the way we create, innovate and run our businesses. 

Challenging existing theories and approaches to disorganization, as well as presenting new evidence from both research and practice, Herath promotes new conceptual thinking aimed at promoting flexible 'plasticity' in the modern organization to build greater functional capability globally.
Chapter 1 - Sorting the 'Mess' from the Rest 
Section A: Origins
Chapter 2 - The Problem with 'Order'
Chapter 3 - Birth of Disorganization
Section B: Understanding Disorganization
Chapter 4 - The Logic of Disorganization 
Chapter 5 - Coping with Stochasticity
Chapter 6 - Order in Chaos
Section C: Implementing Disorganization
Chapter 7 - Goal-Driven Disorganization
Chapter 8 - Structural Disorganization
Chapter 9 - Functional Disorganization
Section D: Towards Business Plasticity
Chapter 10 - Business Plasticity
Chapter 11 - Towards Plasticity: Disorganization as a Sustainable Capability
Section E: Implications
Chapter 12 - Future of Disorganization: A Research Agenda for Scholars
Chapter 13 - Studying the cognitive elements of Disorganization
Chapter 14 - Lessons for Practice
Chapter 15 - At the End of Day
Dr. Dinuka B. Herath is a Lecturer in Organisation Studies at The University of Huddersfield, UK. He is a fellow of the British Higher Education Academy and a member of the European Academy of Management (EURAM).
Keep up to date with Dr. Herath's research and projects on Facebook and Twitter (@DrDinukaHerath), or at LinkedIn (Dr Dinuka B. Herath).

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