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Building Business Value through Talent: The CEO and CHRO Partnership Guide

Thomas McGuire
Talent Growth Advisors, LLC USA

Linda Brenner
Talent Growth Advisors, LLC USA

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04 May 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
144 pages - 152 x 229mm
Building Business Value through Talent uniquely describes how a CEO and CHRO can accelerate business growth by working together to design and operationalize value-driven talent strategies.

CEOs focus on decisions that will drive the business strategy forward while HR leaders routinely try to satisfy the needs of the largest number of employees. Often, the two align superficially or in administrative ways – and to put out the occasional flash fire. This book changes that dynamic by unlocking the investment potential of HR and empowering an unprecedented, tangible and measurable partnership between CEOs and CHROs. Framed as a product guide, the "product" is visualized as the HR Operating Model necessary to succeed in our modern economy: a business-based talent planning and investment strategy to sustain talent solutions and intellectual capital growth.

This product guide provides the tools and insights that business leaders are seeking in order to win the ever more challenging battles in their war for talent. Learning and adopting these winning practices will provide a visible testament to the effective leadership of any CEO and CHRO team.
Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1. Important Instructions
Chapter 2. Features at a Glance
Chapter 3. Installation
Chapter 4. Controls
Chapter 5. Changing the Filter
Chapter 6. Care and Maintenance
Chapter 7. Before You Call
Tom McGuire is unique in the talent management world as a person who has been both a Chief Financial Officer and a Global Talent Acquisition Director at well-known consumer product, NYSE companies. He began his business career as an external auditor in Columbus, Ohio, and after becoming a C.P.A. in 1982, left Coopers & Lybrand to join The Coca-Cola Company.

Linda Brenner co-founded Talent Growth Advisors with the vision of helping business leaders improve talent results. Prior to TGA, Linda led operations, talent acquisition and talent management teams for Gap, Pizza Hut / Pepsi, and The Home Depot.
Tom McGuire and Linda Brenner draw on unique backgrounds spanning senior roles in operations, finance, and human resources to master the intersection of talent and market value. With Building Business Value through Talent they have created a common framework and language that finally optimizes the essential CEO and CHRO partnership in our knowledge economy. - Jack Stahl, Co-Founder of CNEXT, a Virtual Mentoring Platform for Senior Leaders. Corporate Board Member, Private Equity Advisor, and former CEO of Revlon and President of The Coca-Cola Company

The connection between HR and business valuation has been nebulous until now. This guide informs a CEO how enterprise value, intellectual value and talent are linked – and how to take practical, measurable actions to maximize results with this in mind. HR no longer needs to worry about ‘having a seat at the table’ – this proves that their role in our knowledge economy requires them to host the party. - Harold Osborn, President and Chief Executive Officer, McIlhenny Company

It is easy to think of Finance as the steward of financial capital, and Operations as the steward of tangible assets. Tom and Linda’s book shows HR how to be the steward of intellectual capital, which accounts for more than 80% of market valuation. Tom and Linda lay out clearly and conversationally, both the areas on which HR should focus to maximize this stewardship, as well as how the CEO should partner with HR to maximize the market cap of their company. With the ever-increasing influence of Talent on market valuation, Building Business Value Through Talent should be required reading for executives everywhere. - Andrew Lobo, CHRO C2 Educational Systems, former CHRO at Arhaus, Inc

Finally, an approach that proves the value of talent investments and guides HR decision-making in a data-based, value-creating way. This framework recognizes the critical connection between finance and talent that has been missing for far too long. This guide acts as a roadmap for positioning HR as the key to growing business value. - Deborah McFarlane, Chief People Officer at EmployBridge, former head of HR for HD Supply Facilities Maintenance

Tom and Linda have developed what will become the standard operating model for CEO and CHRO partnerships. What I appreciate most is that they have combined their practitioner backgrounds, along with their deep expertise in finance and talent management, to develop a value-added framework and guide for prioritizing, operationalizing and measuring the true value of HR investments. They approach the work with a real-world perspective and this approach is long overdue. - Stacey Valy Panayiotou, EVP-HR for Graphic Packaging International, former senior talent management, HR, Diversity & Inclusion and Organization Effectiveness leader for The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.

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