Broken Pie Chart: 5 Ways to Build Your Investment Portfolio to Withstand and Prosper in Risky Markets

Derek Moore
Razor Wealth Management LLC, USA

Product Details
09 Feb 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Investment outcomes and strategies have changed considerably since 2008. Broken Pie Chart demonstrates the failures of classical diversification and asset allocation, pointing out that the backward-looking methods used by traditional financial professionals will not work moving forward.  

Derek Moore explains why traditional risk-spreading leads to losses during sell-off periods, and contains risks that many investors do not recognize until it is too late. He also reflects on the changes in the financial market since the global financial crisis, and how these changes may affect your asset allocation and risk management decision-making in a landscape of lower rates and higher risks.  

With this work, readers can take a fresh look at their portfolios by identifying the emerging asset classes that will lead to investment success, using effective financial strategies to enhance their position, and placing smart floors, hedges and buffers to minimize risk.
Introduction - Did 2008 Teach Us Anything? 
Chapter 1. What's in Your Pie Chart? 
Chapter 2. Why Bonds Past Performance Can’t Equal Future Results 
Chapter 3. Target Date Funds Surprise 
Chapter 4. Why Diversification Fails In Market Selloffs 
Chapter 5. What If We Go Sideways Or Down? 
Chapter 6. This Time Is Different? 
Chapter 7. Why Sequence Of Returns Matter For Your Retirement 
Chapter 8. Alternative Solutions And Hard Floors For Portfolios 
Chapter 9. Volatility Is An Emerging Asset Class 
Chapter 10. Synthetics To Build Positions With A Seat Belt 
Chapter 11. Risk Adjusted Returns Matter
Founder and President of Razor Wealth Management, LLC, Derek Moore helps individual investors build portfolios to weather various market conditions.
As Director at ZEGA Financial, he spoke around the country to educate advisors on risk management and alternative strategies. Derek was also the Director of National Education for TD Ameritrade. There he founded a client education program and delivered presentations to large and small groups nationwide.
Derek has completed four full Ironman Triathlons. He resides in Scottsdale, AZ.
"While classic asset allocations and portfolio management may prove successful over multiple decades, many investors with shorter windows to build wealth are often left unprotected. Investors fear no more as Derek Moore takes portfolio analysis to a new level and delivers five ways to simplify yet protect your hard-earned investments in risky markets no matter when they occur! A must read for anyone with the desire to create wealth in the financial markets." - Bennett A. McDowell, President of® and author of The ART of Trading, A Trader’s Money management System, The Survival Guide For Traders, and Elliott Wave Techniques Simplified

"Derek Moore's refreshing Broken Pie Chart challenges the common perception of asset allocation. It shows you how to add value to reduce risk and tailor a program to truly diversify your portfolio based on your risk profile rather than on an assumed universal allocation strategy. The concepts introduced in this book are thought-provoking. A must read." - Michael C. Thomsett, author, A Technical Approach to Trend Analysis

"Broken Pie Chart challenges conventional wisdom with persuasive results." - Jonathan Hoenig, and Fox News Contributor

"With equity market exuberance firing on all cylinders, Derek Moore offers a much needed reminder that the stock market can have years, or even decades, of stagnant returns. Further, Moore’s new book Broken Pie Chart lays out the ground work to comprehending the reality of conventional portfolio allocation and serves up a handful of well-supported ideas on how investors can combat the feast or famine nature of stock market investing." - Carley Garner, Commodity Analyst & Broker at

"With interest rates at all-time lows and the memory of 2008 fresh in investors minds Broken Pie Chart lays out the case for why the traditional mix of stocks and bonds may not deliver in the coming decades." - Jay Pestrichelli, ZEGA Financial co-founder and co-author of Buy and Hedge: The Five Iron Rules for Investing Over the Long Term

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