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Black American Intellectualism and Culture: A Social Study of African American Social and Political Thought Vol: 20

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22 Nov 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
324 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Contemporary Studies in Sociology


This work pursues to critically probe Black American Intellectualism and Culture in the organizational construct of intellectual studies; cultural studies; literary studies; and social thought. Accent has been placed on an interdisciplinary focus of examining the ethos and memory of Africana people. The intangible view of Africana people is reported and illustrated from an African American prism. This study is an unconventional advance reviewing: history, narratives, biography, autobiography, and epistemology. As Africana scholars research society in the form of politics, business, social, education, political, and economic institutions - the retentive ideas of Africana values, mores, and folkways become imperative to examine events from an assembly of viewpoints. In fact, these variables provide a foundation for amassing query, that narrates and appraises Africana people.
List of contributors. Editor's note. Molefi Asante's Memoirs of the Old Southern Ways (M.K. Asante). The social backgrounds of four major twentieth-century African American intellectuals: St. Clair Drake (1911-1990), Rayford W. Logan (1897-1982), Benjamin E. Mays (1894-1984), and Benjamin Quarles (1904-1996): traditions and hope from one generation to the next (J.E. Thompson). Amy Jacques Garvey and Henrietta Vinton Davis of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (L. Gyant). Sources of self in Ancient Egyptian autobiographies: a Kawaida articulation (M. Karenga). Deciphering the thought of W. E. B. Du Bois: a thematic approach (J.B. Stewart). Frederick Douglass, black nationalism, and liberation: an intellectual study (J.L. Conyers Jr.). The professional and personal of oral history projects: a tribute to Bernice "Fanny" Walker Bowens (1917-1993) (S.R. Donaldson). The mother/daughter relationship in Toni Morrison's Beloved (J. Thomas). African metaphors in African American art: the works of John Biggers (S. Pruit). Footing the bill for the ticket: blacks and gays as the transmitters of experience in James Baldwin's Another Country (D.B. DeLancey). The African diaspora in biography and autobiography (L. Dorsey). African historiography and culture: a study of Africa's contribution to Europe (C.L. Robinson). A communicological assessment of corner culture (C.A. Clinkscale). Assata Shakur and the dilemma of African revolutionary nationalism in the United States (A.N.N. Toure). Cornel West: an American, public intellectual (B. Littre). The poetic and spiritual expression of the African American poet (J.R. Rogers). The miseducation of the American mind: Allan Bloom revisited (E.N. Bracey). Unsung hero: the Afrocentric location of Alexander Pierre Tureaud (C. Robertson). Nathan Huggins's report to the Ford Foundation on African American Studies: a reflective analysis a decade later (J.L. Conyers Jr.). Index.

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