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Bioethical Issues: Sociological Perspectives Vol: 9

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11 Dec 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
364 pages - 152 x 229 x 33mm
Advances in Medical Sociology


This volume deals with the topic of health inequalities and health disparities. The volume is divided into five sections. The first section includes an introductory look at the issue of health care inequalities and disparities and also an introduction to the volume. One of the backdrops to this topic in the United States was The National Healthcare Disparities Report and its focus on the ability of Americans to access health care and variation in the quality of care. Disparities related to socioeconomic status were included, as were disparities linked to race and ethnicity and the report also tried to explore the relationship between race/ethnicity and socioeconomic position, as explained in more detail in the first article in the book.The second article discusses a newer overall approach to issues related to health inequalities and health disparities. The remaining four sections of the book address more specific topics relating to inequalities and disparities. The second section examines racial and ethnic inequalities and disparities. The third section includes articles that address the issue from the perspective of research about health care providers and health care facilities. The last two sections of the book focus on consumers and topics of health care disparities, with Section 4 focused on issues related to substance abuse, mental health and related concerns.Section 5 includes articles looking at issues of vulnerable women, women with breast cancer and people with colorectal cancer. "Inequalities and Disparities in Health Care and Health" is important reading for medical sociologists and people working in other social science disciplines studying health-related issues. The volume also provides vital information for health services researchers, policy analysts and public health researchers. It is a great resource for health services researchers, policy analysts and public health researchers. It offers an in-depth look at bioethics, focusing on health inequalities and disparities.
Whose Body (Of Opinion) is it Anyway? Historicizing Tissue Ownership and Examining ‘Public Opinion’ in Bioethics. From Cruzan. The Changing Context of Neonatal Decision Making: are the Consumerist and Disability Rights Movements Having an Effect?. “What are We Really Doing Here?” Journeys into Hospital Ethics Committees in Germany: Nurses’ Participation and The(ir) Marginalization of Care. Healthcare Ethics Committees Without Function? Locations and Forms of Ethical Speech in a ‘Society of Presents’. Ethical Mindfulness: Narrative Analysis and Everyday Ethics in Health Care. Making the Autonomous Client: How Genetic Counselors Construct Autonomous Subjects. “… But you Cannot Influence the Direction of your Thinking”: Guiding Self-Government in Bioethics Policy Discourse. Cutting Risk: The Ethics of Male Circumcision, HIV Prevention, and Wellness. Genomics, Gender and Genetic Capital: The Need for an Embodied Ethics of Reproduction. What Does Justice have to do with It? A Bioethical and Sociological Perspective on the Diabetes Epidemic. Sociological Contributions to Developing Ethical Standards for Medical Research in Very Poor Countries: The Example of Nepal. Changing the Subject: Science, Subjectivity, and the Structuring of Ethical Implications. List of Contributors. Introductory Preface. Part I: Placing Bioethics Historically. Part II: The Sociology of a Working Bioethics: Private Narratives. Part III: Macrosociological Perspectives: Bioethics in the Policy Arena. Part IV: Re-Imagining Bioethics: Expanding the Borders of Bioethical Inquiry and Action.

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