Big Ideas in Public Relations Research and Practice Vol: 4

Finn Frandsen
Aarhus University, Denmark

Winni Johansen
Aarhus University, Denmark

Ralph Tench
Leeds Beckett University, UK

Stefania Romenti
IULM University, Italy

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03 Oct 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Public Relations and Communication Management
Big Ideas can do many things. They are transformative and change the way we work and communicate in organizations and societies. As Big Ideas are dynamic, they can cross borders between disciplines to create new relationships between people, organizations and countries. 

In applying big ideas to public relations, this volume challenges how scholars and practitioners perceive and understand public relations within an organizational setting. In thinking about the 'bigger picture', the collection expands public relations research to include more theory-building, more cross-disciplinary research, and more innovation in practice. 

The 12 unique contributions from scholars based in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Romania, the UK, Finland, Portugal and the USA explore the challenges surrounding communication, management and big ideas. Some of the topics discussed include: corporate identity, millennial engagement, strategic communication in the internationalization of firms, public relations in the start-up community and, social capital.
1. How Strategic Communication Facilitates the Internationalisation of Firms: A Situational Framework; Jule Keller-Bacher and Ansgar Zerfass 
2. When Data Is the Issue: Re-conceptualizing Public Relations For the Platform Economy; Sine Nørholm Just and Rasmus Kjærgaard Rasmussen 
3. Entrancing Ourselves with YouTube: Emotion-producing Practices Amplify the Impact of Branded Video; Gregory De Blasio, Komala Mazerant and Brad Scharlott 
4. Engaging Millennials in the Energy Transition; Renate Dam, Wim J.L. Elving and Roel van Veen 
5. The new “cat” of the Internet: China’s panda diplomacy on Twitter; Zhao Alexandre Huang and Rui Wang 
6. The Visual Turn: Corporate Identity as an Alternative Public Relations Tool; Alexandra Crăciun 
7. Beyond Organizational Centricity in Strategic Communication: Lessons Learned From Organized Religion; Markus Wiesenberg 
8. “We Don’t Need PR Yet”: Challenging Misconceptions of Public Relations in The Startup Community; Sarah VanSlette 
9. How Do Public Relations Practitioners Build Social Capital?; Paul Willis and Andy Green 
10. The big idea of employees as strategic communicators in public relation; Vibeke Thøis Madsen and Joost Verhoeven 
11. Four News Media Roles Shaping Agenda-building Processes; Mark Badham 
12. Information, Misinformation, Disinformation: The Role of Communication Professionals in Liquid Modernity; Mafalda Eiró-Gomes and Vanessa Moreira
Finn Frandsen is a Professor of Corporate Communication at Aarhus University, Denmark. His primary research interests are organizational crisis management and crisis communication, meta-organizations, stakeholders, intermediaries, and communicative institutionalism. 
Winni Johansen is a Professor of Corporate Communication at Aarhus University, Denmark. Her research interests include crisis management and communication, social media, communication consulting, environmental communication and the institutionalization of strategic communication in private and public organizations.  
Ralph Tench is Director of Research for Leeds Business School at Leeds Beckett University, UK and President (2017-2020) of the European Public Relations Research and Education Association (EUPRERA). His research involves funded projects from the private sector, EU, Public Health England, NHS and research councils.  
Stefania Romenti is Associate Professor and Chair in Strategic Communication at Università IULM, Italy and Adjunct Professor of Communication Measurement at IE Business School, Spain. Her research interests include communication measurement, reputation management and stakeholder engagement.

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