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Big Data?: Qualitative Approaches to Digital Research Vol: 13

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07 Nov 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 152 x 229 x 36mm
Studies in Qualitative Methodology
This volume seeks to address the emerging relationships between qualitative research and digital data. At the present time, ubiquitous digital data is altering the foci of research, the contexts in which research takes place, and the methods and tools available for qualitative research. Alongside new challenges and opportunities, there are many ways in which established qualitative methods are being used to situate and interpret digital phenomena. This book examines and engages with the ambivalence of digitization, illuminating the diverse ways in which researchers approach, negotiate, understand and interpret objects and practices of digital research. The chapters in this volume are organized around four key themes: researching impacts of digitization on social worlds; researching uses of digital data within social worlds; researching digital visualization of social worlds; researching with digital data and methods. The volume is designed to appeal to qualitative researchers seeking to study processes of digitization, adjust existing methodologies for digital worlds, and develop new ways of examining and using digital research.
Digital Social Research: Potential and Overview. From Cyberspace to the Dataverse: Trajectories in Digital Social Research. Politics, Policy and Privatisation in the Everyday Experience of Big Data in the NHS. Big Data Ambivalence: Visions and Risks in Practice. The Researcher and the Never-Ending Field: Reconsidering Big Data and Digital Ethnography. Researching Forums in Online Ethnography: Practice and Ethics. Marketing Narratives: Researching Digital Data, Design and the In/Visible Consumer. Not Being There: Research at a Distance with Video, Text and Speech. Using Software for Qualitative Data Analysis: Research Outside Paradigmatic Boundaries. Missed Miracles and Mystical Connections: Qualitative Research, Digital Social Science and Big Data. Digitization and Memory: Researching Practices of Adaption to Visual and Textual Data in Everyday Life. ‘Where No-One Can Hear You Scream’: An Analysis of the Potential of ‘Big Data’ for Rural Research in the British Context. Investigating the Other: Considerations on Multi-Species Research. About the Authors. Big Data? Qualitative Approaches to Digital Research. List of Contributors. Copyright page. Studies in Qualitative Methodology. Big Data? Qualitative Approaches to Digital Research.
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