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Beyond Succession Planning: New Ways to Develop Talent

Lori Spina
The Delta Group Network, Inc., USA

James D. Spina
The Delta Group Network, Inc., USA

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08 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
112 pages - 152 x 229mm
We hear a lot about the necessity of meeting needs of changing markets by developing people, but we hear less about ways implement change. How can we design effective ways to implement change and maintain and build job satisfaction?  

James and Lori Spina illustrate how a strategic system aligns workplace transitions with the organizational vision, mission, and top level strategies to meet the needs of all stakeholders, ensure a steady flow of talent from within, and anticipate abilities and skills for jobs not yet created. They provide a road map for how to carry this out and propose a cutting-edge leadership style to complement this strategic approach and beat the competition. They demonstrate in detail on how to meet the emerging learning needs of high potential people who are striving to obtain new levels of responsibility. 

This book is crucial reading for executives who make strategic business decisions to ensure the sustainability and growth of their organizations.
Chapter 1. Rethinking Your Succession System. 
Chapter 2. Aligning Critical Organizational Elements with a Strategic Succession System. 
Chapter 3. Revisiting Performance Appraisal Systems. 
Chapter 4. Critical Thinking Skills for Succession Decisions. 
Chapter 5. Communicating Needs for Changing Succession Activities. 
Chapter 6. Creative Thinking Methods That Work. 
Chapter 7. Creating the Strategic Succession System. 
Chapter 8. A Succession System for High Potential/High Performing Staff. 
Chapter 9. Looking Ahead: Artificial Intelligence and Developing Talent. 
Chapter 10. Special Issues.
Lori J. Spina is President of the Delta Group Network, Inc., a management leadership firm formed with her husband Jim in the 1980s. She was also a full-time lecturer at the University of Maryland where she taught Human Resources courses. She previously worked in public education as a special education teacher, department head and Crisis Intervention Counsellor.  

James D. Spina worked as an independent management consultant and as a director of executive development and succession planning at a Fortune 500 media company. He recently retired as a senior lecturer from the University of Maryland where he taught courses in managing change and business strategy.

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