Beyond Multi-Channel Marketing: Critical Issues in Dual Marketing

Maria Palazzo
Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy

Pantea Foroudi
Middlesex University London, UK

Alfonso Siano
Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy

Product Details
17 Jun 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229mm
The authors of this book delve into the rapidly developing field of dual marketing, investigating the strategic alliances, multi-stakeholder perspectives and branding potential it holds. They promote the adoption of the multichannel approach which is fundamental to facing the challenges of marketing 4.0. Readers will glean innovative and practical insights, providing them with the ability to comprehend the existing link between dual marketing and multichannel marketing and explore its relation to branding and integrated marketing communication. This book also rejuvenates the analysis of the digital context and offers critical advice to organisations interested in online marketing processes. With worldwide appeal, the theoretical and empirical analysis carried out in this book offers cutting edge ideas and techniques to marketing practitioners, supply chain managers and B2B2C company managers looking to understand the digital transformation permeating the whole of organisational life beyond just marketing and communication facets. The book will also be invaluable for doctoral, graduate and postgraduate students in marketing and management.
Chapter 1. Introduction to ‘Beyond Multi-Channel Marketing: Critical Issues in Dual Marketing’; Maria Palazzo, Pantea Foroudi, Alfonso Siano 
PART II: MAPPING THE FIELD - This part provides knowledge about the dual marketing and the role it plays in nowadays market
Chapter 2. Evolution of supply chains and dual marketing strategies: a case on the impact of public policy on dual marketing strategy; Norbani Che Ha, CheahChee Wei, SuhanaMohezar 
Chapter 3. Using Quelch’s Tools to Explore and Put Dual Marketing into Practice: Benefits, Opportunities and Risks; Ogechi Adeola, Obinna Muogboh, Jimoh Fatoki 
PART III: EXTENDING THE FIELD - This part provides knowledge about concepts related to dual marketing
Chapter 4. Industrial branding: communicating in business to business sector; Nuria Rodriguez Pardo, Maria Palazzo 
Chapter 5. Integrated marketing communication in B2B2C area; Alireza Nankali, Maria Palazzo, Mohammad Jalali, Pantea Foroudi, Nader Seyyed Amiri, Gholamheidar Ebrahimbay Salami 
Chapter 6. Transforming the complexity of having multiple channels to an asset: reflective critics on the dual marketing and co-branding; Tuğra Nazlı Akarsu, Pantea Foroudi, T.C. Melewar 
PART IV: FROM FIELD TO PRACTICE - This part provides knowledge about online application of dual marketing
Chapter 7. From dual marketing to marketing 4.0.The role played by digital technology and the Internet; Maria Giovanna Confetto, Francesca Conte, Agostino Vollero, Claudia Covucci 
Chapter 8. AGAINST THE ODDS: Consequences of Social media in B2B and B2C; Pantea Foroudi, Reza Marvi, Mohammad Foroudi, Sayabek Ziyadin, al-Farabi Kazakh, Solongo Munkhbat 
Chapter 9. Approach to dual marketing: re-organization of structures and development of competencies; Sardanelli Domenico 
Chapter 10. Business areas that can benefit of dual marketing practices.Presentation of case studies; Maria Palazzo, Maria Antonella Ferri 
Chapter 11. Beyond multichannel marketing: Critical Issues in Dual Marketing.Toward a conclusion; Maria Palazzo, Pantea Foroudi, Alfonso Siano
Maria Palazzo is a Research Fellow at the Department of Political and Communication Studies, University of Salerno, Italy 

Pantea Foroudi is Senior lecturer at Middlesex University London; Business Manager and Solution Architect at Foroudi Consultancy 

Alfonso Siano is Professor and Chair of Marketing and of Corporate Communication and Brand Management at University of Salerno, Italy
';an insightful, conceptual take on the important topic of Dual Marketing. I strongly recommend Beyond Multi-Channel Marketing to all who want to know more about dual, multi- and omni- channel marketing in the digital age.' - Charles Dennis, Professor of Consumer Behaviour,, Departmental Research Leader, Middlesex University London, UK

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