Beyond Confrontation: Globalists, Nationalists and Their Discontents

Phil Mullan
Independent Scholar

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11 Aug 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229mm
Reactions to the Coronavirus pandemic have escalated the pre-existing tensions between the US and China and among different Western nations. Confrontations between political globalists and mercantilist nationalists - between supporters of the rules-based international order and proponents of overt protectionism - are fueling ever-stronger international resentments. 

Coupling argumentative rigor with a pragmatic, plainspoken approach, Phil Mullan charts out a novel, democratic way past dangerous and self-defeating confrontations towards a future of open international collaboration based on popular participation within nation states. With its clear-eyed assessment of the opportunities and challenges of a more interconnected world - an assessment in which the economic internationalisation underpinning globalisation theories is neither romanticised nor vilified - Beyond Confrontation sets a judicious tone for the big geopolitical themes of our times.
Introduction: Global times
Part 1: A world of rules
Chapter 1: Making the rules-based international order
Chapter 2: Globalism against politics
Chapter 3: The anti-democratic roots of neoliberalism
Chapter 4: From post-war order to disorder
Part 2: Myths about trade
Chapter 5: The obsession with trade
Chapter 6: Trade becomes weaponised
Chapter 7: Free trade illusions
Chapter 8: The rise and rise of protectionism
Part 3: Internationalism starts at home
Chapter 9: Internationalisation: sustaining atrophy
Chapter 10: The battle starts at home
Chapter 11: Internationalism, national sovereignty and democracy
Phil Mullan is a scholar, book author and business manager who addresses the intersections between economics and politics. His work is informed by over two decades of experience in advisory and senior-management roles in international business;
'Beyond Confrontation comes at a time of maximum potential confrontation that has been made even more critical by the arrival of Covid-19. Essential reading for every political leader.' - Brian Caplen, Editor, The Banker

“A fresh perspective on renewed international political and economic tensions. Accessible for the general reader as well as academics and students." - Vanessa Pupavac, University of Nottingham, UK

“Mullan's democratic internationalism offers a pragmatic solution for international collaboration in the post-coronavirus economy.” - Salvatore Babones, Associate Professor, University of Sydney

'Mullan’s book is a road-map to the future, a calm reminder to scholars of international relations and practitioners alike that what continues to drive world affairs is the relationship between nations that are both sovereign and democratic.' - Professor Bill Durodie, Chair of International Relations,, University of Bath

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