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Bank and Financial Market Efficiency: Global Perspectives Vol: 5

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16 Apr 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in Banking and Finance


The papers in this volume empirically examine three evolving and important topics in financial economics: the determinants of monetary and bank efficiency and the key factors that contribute to successful monetary and banking operations; the institutional factors that enhance or detract from the efficient manner in which financial markets work; and the macro, micro, and social factors that impact stock valuation and optimum portfolio selection.
1. Monetary collapse during the great depression: Did the stock of money fall, or was it pushed? (P. Evans). 2. Information and International Spread of Banking Panics (V. Vaughan). 3. Bank failures in banking panics: Risky banks or road kill? (G.P. Dwyer Jr., R.W. Hafer). 4. Ownership structure, operating inefficiency and regulatory reform: An analysis of U.S. thrifts (F. Cebenoyan, A.S. Cebenoyan, E.S. Cooperman, C.A. Register). 5. Management of earnings: Evidence from the Indian banks (A. Anandarajan, D. Hossain). 6. Loan repayment in the Grameen Bank: The importance of gender and opportunity cost (F. Ameen). 7. Bancassurance and the future of banking (M. Nurullah). 8. State of informational efficiency of the South African equity market during the Apartheid, transition and the Post-Apartheid periods (T. Hasan, W. Karim). 9. Bank mergers in South Korea: Does government intervention add value? (S. Choi, J.P. Murtagh). 10. Stock market and economic forces during liberalization: Korean experience (G. Goswami, S.-C. Jung, S.Y. Chung). 11. Bidder gains: The under valuation hypothesis (M. Raj). 12. Replicating patterns in autocorrelated financial time series (R. Gorener, O. Demirel, J.R. Norsworthy). 13. Foreign portfolio investments and stock prices: An application to an emerging market (H. Kiymaz, U. Urganci).

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