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Bank Fragility and Regulation: Evidence from Different Countries Vol: 12

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 183 x 230 x 30mm
Research in Financial Services: Private and Public Policy


This volume focuses on current problems in banking that have the potential not only for disrupting the smooth provision of banking and other financial services, but also for adversely affecting domestic and even international macroeconomic activity. Because serious banking problems have been experienced in most countries in recent years, the papers both focus on fragility and regulation in different countries and are authored by leading financial economists in six different countries including Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. By providing an international perspective, the papers provide insights into the commonality of banking problems in different countries and the role of regulation both in attempting to prevent and in potentially, albeit unintentionally, encouraging bank crises. As such, the papers add to our storehouse of knowledge on the causes, symptoms, and consequences of banking problems across countries.
List of contributors. Introduction (G.G. Kaufman). Part I. Cross-country evidence on banking crises: do financial structure and bank regulation matter? (J.R. Barth et al.). Towards a regulatory agenda for banking in Europe (H.A. Benink, R.H. Schmidt). Subordinated debt and bank capital reform (D.D. Evanoff, L.D. Wall). Challenges to the structure of financial supervision in the EU (K. Lannoo). Comment (R. DeYoung). Part II. Deposit rate premiums and the demand for funds by thrifts (D. Aadland, D. Dahl and A. Stephens). A regulatory regime for financial stability (D.T. Llewellyn). The development of internal models approaches to bank regulation & supervision: lessons from the market risk amendment (M.R. Saidenberg, J.A. Lopez). Comment (M.J. Courchane). Part III. The role of a camel downgrade model in bank surveillance (R.A. Gilbert, A.P. Meyer and M.D. Vaughan). Credit registers and early warning systems of bank fragility. The Italian experience (P. Marullo Reedtz, M. Trapanese). Deposit insurance funding and insurer resource allocation: a portfolio model of insurer behavior under uncertainty (S.A. Seelig, J. O'Keefe). Comment (D.P. Morgan).

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