Authenticity & Tourism: Materialities, Perceptions, Experiences Vol: 24

Jillian M. Rickly
University of Nottingham, UK

Elizabeth S. Vidon
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, USA

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14 Sep 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229mm
Tourism Social Science Series
Debates around the concept of authenticity date to the earliest theories of tourism, as scholars attempted to understand motivations for traveling away from 'home' and touristic experiences of places far 'away'. Over time, theories of authenticity have burgeoned from epistemological to ontological notions drawing a broad range of philosophers into tourism research.  
This edited volume features chapters that engage with key debates about authenticity – its materiality, how it is perceived, and how it is experienced. The book is comprised of four sections thematically organized around popular trends in authenticity research in tourism, making this volume appropriate as both a comprehensive text and as individual investigations. Authenticity & Tourism: Materialities, Perceptions, Experiences includes chapters that engage with the pragmatic and the theoretical, including conversations on marketing and the production of tourism attractions, examinations of the constructive nature of authenticity, and the politics of authentication processes. Also included are contributions that revisit technological trends in tourism and advance debates of authenticity in souvenirs, photographs, and simulated experiences, as well as those more firmly anchored in the theoretical, pushing boundaries and establishing paths for future research. 
Across these chapters, the authors employ a range of methodologies, from autoethnography to photo and food-elicitation combinations to discourse and content analyses. Set against a backdrop of truly global case studies, this collection exemplifies the multiple facets of authenticity research in tourism.
Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION: From Pseudo-events to Authentic Experiences; Jillian M. Rickly and Elizabeth S. Vidon
Chapter 2. LOOKING FOR AUTHENTICITY IN PRODUCT GEOGRAPHY; Patrick Jean-Noel L'Espoir-Decosta and Mikael Andéhn
Chapter 3. "SEE YOU IN IRAN" ON FACEBOOK: Assessing "User-Generated Authenticity"; Nicholas Wise and Farnaz Farzin 
Chapter 4. MARKETING AND AUTHENTICITY IN TOURISM: A Cacao Farm in Brazil; Mariana Bueno de Andrade Matos and Maria de Lourdes de Azevedo Barbosa
Chapter 5. LOVE, ROMANCE, AND BEHAVIOR: Finding Juliet, Finding Meaning; Philip L. Pearce and Zohre Mohammadi 
Chapter 6. AUTHENTICITY OF A NATIONAL ICON: The Trinidad Steelpan as a Tourism Resource; Johnny Coomansingh 
Chapter 7. AUTHENTICITY IN PORTUGAL'S INTERIOR RURAL AREAS; José Alberto Moutela, Vivina Almeida Carreira and Fidel Martínez-Roget
Chapter 8. TOURISTS' PHOTOGRAPHIC CONSTRUCTIONS OF PLACE IN IRELAND; Seán T. Ruane, Bernadette Quinn and Sheila Flanagan 
Chapter 10. DIGITAL REVOLUTION OR PLASTIC GIMMICK? Authenticity in 3D Souvenirs; Constantia Anastasiadou and Sam Vettese 
Chapter 11. HYPERREAL LIGHT SIMULACRA: Performing Buildings in Motion; Jane Lovell
Chapter 12. HUNTING AND FISHING AS ECOTOURISM: The Authenticity Debate; Agnes Nowaczek and Hitesh Mehta 
Chapter 13. AUTHENTICATING THE WILDERNESS: Power, Politics, Performance; Elizabeth S. Vidon
Chapter 14. AN AUTOETHNOGRAPHIC REFLECTION: Western Elitism in Late Capitalism; Amy Savener and Alexia Franzidis
Chapter 15. AFTERWORD: Authenticity and Life; Daniel C. Knudsen 

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