Atmospheric Turn in Culture and Tourism: Place, Design and Process Impacts on Customer Behaviour, Marketing and Branding Vol: 16

Michael Volgger
Curtin University, Australia

Dieter Pfister
University of St Gallen, Switzerland

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29 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research
Combining ideas of sustainable development, product development and branding with notions from the fields of design, space shaping and architecture, this volume of Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research offers contemporary perspectives on the strategic development, evaluation and impact of 'atmospheric quality' in tourism and hospitality service situations. 

Contributors explore the way atmospheric qualities in tourism and hospitality strongly influence customer behaviour and how their emotional responses to sensory pleasures translate into authentic experiences, excitement, happiness or enjoyment. Examples discussed include: 
  • participatory shaping of destination atmospheres 
  • urban atmospheres 
  • 'silent' airports 
  • atmosphere of religious buildings
  • residents as elements of atmosphere
  • emotional contagion
  • building culture and architecture 
  • eAtmospherics  
  • light and colour effects in hospitality encounters 
  • the co-created atmosphere of concerts and events. 
Incorporating theoretical perspectives on atmosphere in culture, inter-cultural communication and marketing and numerous practical examples to promote a deeper understanding of atmospheric qualities in sustainable tourism and hospitality, this book furthers academic knowledge and gives guidance to tourism and hospitality practitioners interested in improving the atmospheric quality of their offers for the benefit of their guests.
Chapter 1. Introduction; Michael Volgger and Dieter Pfister 
Part 1: Atmosphere and culture
Chapter 2. Philosophy of the atmospheric turn; Thomas Latka  
Chapter 3. The concept of atmosphere from a multidisciplinary perspective; Dieter Pfister  
Chapter 4. Describing and creating atmospheres; Dieter Pfister  
Chapter 5. Architectural governance and the coordination of building culture: An exploratory reflection; Michael Volgger, Harald Pechlaner, Anna Scuttari and Elsa Innerhofer 
Chapter 6. Enhancing understanding: The atmospheric dimension of communication as a catalyst for creating deeper human understanding; Thomas Herdin 
Chapter 7. Changing atmospheres - On the duration and exploration of urban experiences; Andreas Rauh 
Chapter 8. The effects of atmospheres; Rainer Kazig 
Chapter 9. Combining brand theory with space and atmosphere theory; Dieter Pfister 
Part 2: Atmosphere in tourism, hospitality and events 
Chapter 10. Staging genius loci: Atmospheric interventions in tourism destinations; Michael Volgger 
Chapter 11. Travel beautifully: The role of aesthetics in experience design; Ksenia Kirillova and Philipp Wassler 
Chapter 12. Social aspects of tourism atmosphere and emotional contagion in destinations; Kemal Gurkan Kucukergin and Bekir Bora Dedeoglu  
Chapter 13. Atmospheric turn and digitisation as chances for a sustainable destination management; Christian Laesser, Dieter Pfister and Pietro Beritelli  
Chapter 14. From flow analysis to shared insight to planning for impact - The development campaign of Altdorf (CH); Pietro Beritelli  
Chapter 15. Does the living space prevent destination development? The Bavarian town of Eichstaett as a space of possibilities; Harald Pechlaner, Daniel Zacher, Elina Gavriljuk and Christian Eckert 
Chapter 16. What Colour and Light Do in Service Atmospherics: A Neuro-marketing Perspective; Emrah Ozkul, Hakan Boz, Bilsen Bilgili and Erdogan Koc  
Chapter 17. In search of underwater atmosphere: A new diving world on artificial reefs; Caglar Bideci and Carl Cater 
Chapter 18. Authenticity as a contributor to satisfaction with arts events: The moderating role of involvement; Bilge Aykol, Manolya Aksatan and İlayda İpek 
Chapter 19. Extending a festival's social atmosphere online: The Case of Fotografia Europea; Lorenzo Mizzau, Fabrizio Montanari and Marta Massi 
Chapter 20. Silence as a moment of luxury: Insights from contemporary travellers visiting churches; Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen, Helene Cristini and Marie-Nathalie Jauffret 
Chapter 21. Capricornia - an atmosphere of 'otherness'; Christof Pforr and Michael Volgger 
Chapter 22. How advertising eAtmospherics impact consumer behaviour: Evidence from true field experiments in hospitality and tourism; Arch G. Woodside, Pedro Mir Bernal and Bomi Kang
Michael Volgger is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Marketing and Co-Director of the Tourism Research Cluster at Curtin University, Australia. His research on tourism destination governance, product development and innovation in tourism and tourism marketing has been published widely in high quality journals and books. 
Dieter Pfister is head of the "Building Owner-Program" at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Since the 1990s, his research has focused on the connection between brand and space and design strategy. Based on practical experience, he has developed and published various theoretical models and shaped concepts, including atmospheric design.

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