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At the center: Feminism, social science and knowledge Vol: 20

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24 Aug 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229 x 22mm
Advances in Gender Research


At the Center reflects on how the study of gender has changed and how studying gender has affected our research methods and our knowledge of the world around us. In honor of Bell Hooks' prophetic work, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, the volume considers how advances in gender research represent a centering of feminist knowledge and an understanding of the process by which feminist knowledge is constructed. A multinational group of contributors explore relatively new problems such as the integration of transgender study, traditional topics in so far as they incorporate current knowledge and methodological issues pertaining to the effects of research on the researcher and the researched as well as other epistemological matters associated with the construction of gender knowledge. Chapters reflect the strength of a range of qualitative methods including life histories and auto-ethnography and explore the ways that large sample quantitative analyses can enhance understanding of everyday dilemmas. The interdisciplinary nature of gender studies and the cross-pollination of theoretical perspectives are illustrated as is the globalization of gender theory, research and policies.
Twenty Volumes of Feminism at the Center of Social Science and Knowledge. Beyond Inclusion: Thinking Toward a Transfeminist Methodology. Recent Advances in Feminist Science and Technology Studies: Reconceptualizing Subjectivity and Knowledge. Age and Gender Discrimination: Intersecting Inequalities across the Lifecourse. More Than a War Story: A Feminist Analysis of Doing Dangerous Fieldwork. Womanhood and Motherhood Renegotiated through Transnational Adoption. Copyright page. At the Center: Feminism, Social Science and Knowledge. Advances In Gender Research. At the Center: Feminism, Social Science and Knowledge. Information for Authors. List of Contributors. Choosing Submission: Advances in Understanding Agency and Embodiment. Engendering Justice: Dismantling Essentialisms of Gender and Sexual Violence in Yogyakarta. Gender Mainstreaming and Women’s Roles in Development Projects: A Research Case Study from Ghana. Beyond Classroom Knowledge and Experience: How Can Fieldwork Enrich Students’ Learning and Perception on Gender?. Feminist Pedagogy and Research in a Culturally Diverse Classroom in a Women’s University in Bangladesh. Metaphors on Women in Academia: A Review of the Literature, 2004–2013. The Gendering of Immigration Studies in the United States. The Unread Red Feminists: Silenced Precursors of the U.S. Second Wave. About the Authors. At the Center: Feminism, Social Science and Knowledge: An Overview of This Volume. Editorial Advisory Board.

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