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Assessment and Intervention Vol: 24

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31 Mar 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
375 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities


The recent emphasis on accountability in policy and practice for individuals with learning and behavioral disabilities has placed a renewed focus on issues in assessment. However, assessment in itself is of little value unless it leads to more effective and systematic interventions. In this volume, a distinguished group of international authors provide important insights on recent advances on assessment and intervention, and the relation between the two. Included in this volume are chapters on curriculum based measurement and response to intervention, dynamic assessment and working memory, diagnostic accuracy and functional diagnosis, assessment of social behavior, assessment and intervention in reading and writing, assessment and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and assessment and intervention in social and emotional competence and self-determination. Taken together, these chapters provide significant new information that will be of interest to graduate students, clinicians, teachers, and other professionals concerned with effective assessment and intervention for individuals with learning and behavioral disabilities.
PREDICTIVE VALIDITY OF DYNAMIC TESTING AND WORKING MEMORY AS IT RELATES TO READING GROWTH IN CHILDREN WITH READING DISABILITIES H. Lee Swanson and Michael Orosco, University of California at Riverside APPLICATIONS OF CURRICULUM-BASED MEASURES IN MAKING DECISIONS WITH MULTIPLE REFERENCE POINTS - Gerald Tindal and Joseph F. T. Nese, University of Oregon EVOLVING STANDARDS OF DIAGNOSTIC ACCURACY IN PREDICTING AND AVOIDING ACADEMIC FAILURE - Amanda M. VanDerHeyden, Education Research & Consulting HOW TO USE PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS FOR FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSIS: THE CASE OF ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING DISABILITIES - Giulia Balboni, University of Valle d'Aosta, Italy; Roberto Cubelli, University of Trento, Italy A COMPARISON OF OBSERVATIONAL TECHNIQUES FOR ASSESSING STUDENTS' SOCIAL BEHAVIOR - Jugnu Agrawal, Dannette Allen-Bronaugh, and Margo A. Mastropieri, George Mason University CURRICULUM-BASED MEASUREMENT FOR BEGINNING WRITERS: RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS - Kristen L. McMaster, University of Minnesota; Kristen D. Ritchey, University of Delaware; and Erica Lembke, University of Missouri ISSUES IN ASSESSMENT FOR INTERVENTION IN IMPLEMENTATION OF RESPONSIVENESS TO INTERVENTION MODELS - Rollanda E. O'Connor and Victoria Sanchez, University of California at Riverside COMORBIDITY BETWEEN ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER AND READING DISABILITIES: IMPLICATIONS FOR ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT - Ana Miranda, University of Valencia, Spain; Maria Jesus Presentacion, Rebeca Siegenthaler, Jaume I University, Spain; Carla Colomer, University of Valencia, and Vicente Pinto, Jaume I University, Spain ASSESSMENT AND INTERVENTION IN SELF-DETERMINATION - Michael L. Wehmeyer, University of Kansas SUCCESS AND FAILURE WITH TIER 2 SRSD FOR TIMED WRITING TESTS AMONG 2ND THROUGH 5TH GRADE STUDENTS WITH WRITING AND BEHAVIORAL DIFFICULTIES: IMPLICATIONS FOR EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE - Karin Sandmel, Johns Hopkins University; Kristen D. Wilson, Karen R. Harris, Kathleen Lynne Lane, Steve Graham, Wendy P. Oakes, Sharlene A. Kiuhara, and Trish D. Steinbrecher, Vanderbilt University DEVELOPING WRITING FLUENCY FOR ADOLESCENTS WITH DISABILITIES - Linda H. Mason and Richard M. Kubina, The Pennsylvania State University ENGAGING YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES IN SCHOOL: BUILDING AND SUSTAINING POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS - Elizabeth Talbott and Lisa S. Cushing, University of Illinois at Chicago IMPROVING INTERVENTION EFFECTIVENESS WITH UNIVERSITY-PUBLIC SCHOOL COHORT PARTNERSHIPS - Margo A. Mastropieri, Thomas E. Scruggs, George Mason University; Nicole Conners, Fairfax County Public Schools; Mary Kealy, Loudoun County Public Schools; Nancy Morrison, Fairfax County Public Schools; Tina Diamond and Terry Werner, George Mason University

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