Assessment Strategies for Knowledge Organizations

Dean Testa
Independent Scholar, USA

Johel Brown-Grant
Independent Scholar, USA

Denise Bedford
Georgetown University, USA

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29 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 129 x 198mm
Working Methods for Knowledge Management
Assessment models and methods are taught in business schools, routinely published, conducted at all organizational levels and widely understood. Yet as organizations transform from an industrial to knowledge-based economy, assessments are rarely adapted to the new environment. Simply applying existing assessment models and methods to knowledge does not address the challenge. Knowledge assets, knowledge transactions and knowledge capabilities have unique properties and behaviors that may render traditional methods as unreliable or invalid.  

Expert authors Dean Testa, Johel Brown-Grant and Denise Bedford draw from their practical and theoretical experience in designing assessments for knowledge organizations, from observing successes and failures in a variety of organizations. Synthesizing their experience, their discussions here help knowledge management professionals gain a deeper understanding of maturity models and determine how best to create an assessment strategy for their organization.  

Offering an enhanced understanding of how to engage organisations in assessments, describing maturity factors and offering tools to communicate the results of these maturity assessments, this is an unmissable book for knowledge management professionals and researchers.
Part I: Assessment Fundamentals 
1. Assessment for Organizations 
2. Assessment as a Management Tool 
3. Assessment Models and Methods 
Part II: Knowledge Management Assessments - Moving Theory to Practice  
4. Assessment Models and Methods for Knowledge Organizations 
5. Assessing Knowledge Management Capabilities 
6. Assessing Knowledge Capital Assets
7. Assessing Knowledge Capacity of the Business 
Part III: Knowledge Management Assessments - Taking Action 
8. Designing a Knowledge Assessment Strategy 
9. Communicating Assessment Results 
Part IV: Sustaining Knowledge Management Assessments 
10. Getting Ready for Governance - Sustaining an Assessment Strategy 
11. Assessment Cultures
Dean Testa has more than 30 years' experience at a Fortune 250 company. Beginning his career as a mechanical engineer, he shifted to his true calling in 2010: knowledge management.
Johel Brown-Grant is a knowledge management professional with extensive experience in enterprise learning, change management and business storytelling. A former Fulbright scholar, he holds graduate degrees in Communication and information and knowledge strategy. 
Denise Bedford, PhD, is faculty at Georgetown University, a Visiting Scholar at University of Coventry, and Distinguished Practitioner, U.S. Department of State.

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