Applications of Management Science Vol: 19

Kenneth Lawrence
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Gary Kleinman
Monclair State University, USA

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06 Aug 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229mm
Applications of Management Science
Applications of Management Science is a blind refereed series that is published on an annual basis. Its objective is to present current studies in the application of management science to the solution of significant managerial decision-making problems. It significantly aids in the dissemination of the solution of managerial decision-making problems with management science methodologies. 
Volume 19 focuses on the application of management science methodologies, data envelopment analysis and multi-criteria decision making. The first section is focused on data envelopment analysis. The second section focuses on multi-criteria decision making. The third section focuses on decision making. 
This volume will be of significant interested to those involved in the applications of multi-criteria decision making, data envelopment analysis and decision making, in a realistic managerial problem solving environment through the use of state-of-the-art management science modelling.
Chapter 1. Intercollegiate Athletics Efficiency: A Two-Stage DEA Approach; Mauro Falasca and John F. Kros
Chapter 2. An Empirical Analysis of the Performance of Residential Real Estate Investment Funds; Rashmi Malhotra and D.K. Malhotra
Chapter 3. Evaluating the Impact of Advertising on Sales and Profitability in Apparel Industry; Rashmi Malhotra, D.K. Malhotra, Elizabeth Mariotz and Raymond R. Poteau
Chapter 4. Productivity in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry: A DEA Approach; Kenneth D. Lawrence, Dinesh R. Pai and Sheila M. Lawrence

Chapter 5. A Linear Physical Programming Approach for Evaluating Collection Centers for End-of-Life Products; Bandar A. Alkhayyal and Surendra M. Gupta 
Chapter 6. Enterprise Warranty Programs for Two-Dimensional Policies with Multiple Objectives; Amit Mitra
Chapter 7. Weighted-Sum Approach for Bi-Objective Optimization of Fleet Size with Environmental Aspects; Bartosz Sawik 

Chapter 8. Chinese Drywall: A Systemic Decision Making Approach; Patrick T. Hester and Ying Thaviphoke
Chapter 9. Decision Support Capabilities in Excel; Ronald Klimberg and Samuel Ratick

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