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Applications of Management Science Vol: 17

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04 Feb 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229 x 16mm
Applications of Management Science
The objective of this research annual is to present state-of-the-art studies in the application of management science to the solution of significant managerial decision making problems. We hope that this research annual will significantly aid in the dissemination of actual applications of management science in both the public and private sectors. Topics will include: applied management science studies in finance, management, operations, supply chain and productivity. Applications of Management Science is critical reading for those academics, researchers, and practitioners of management science to the solution of significant managerial decision making problems in both the public and the private sectors.
Multicriteria Optimization for the Delivery of Products across Multiple Periods in a Reverse Supply Chains Environment. A Multicriteria Meta-Goal Portfolio Model Based in Morningstar Sector Groupings. An Improved Zero-One Linear Programming Model for the Plane Boarding Problem. Understanding Contact Center Agents’ Preferences for Selecting Calls to Work. A Multicriteria Decision Model for Venture Capital Firms’ Evaluation of New Technology Business Firms. Early Stop Rule Approach for Teaching All-Unit Quantity Discount Analysis. A Frontier Analysis Approach to Analyze the Operating Efficiency of Cable and Satellite Companies in the United States. Using the Analytical Hierarchical Process to Determine the Optimal Scale to Assess People with Dementia Pre and Post Timeslips Sessions. An Adaptive Nurse Home Care Scheduling System. Weighted-Sum Approach to Health Care Optimization. Lexicographic Approach to Health Care Optimization. Benchmarking Managed Healthcare Companies. Copyright page. Applications of management science. List of Contributors. Applications of management science. Applications of management science. EDITORIAL BOARD.

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