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Answer Intelligence: Raise your AQ

Brian Glibkowski
North Central College, USA

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14 Apr 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
336 pages - 138 x 216mm
Answer Intelligence: Raise your AQ is a book about six answers: story, metaphor, theory, concept, procedure, and action. By fully incorporating questions into those answers, Brian Glibkowski showcases how readers can not only elevate their understanding of questions and answers, but also reimagine what it means to communicate effectively. The book identifies five High AQ practices that distinguish expert communicators. Featuring chapters which each cover a different form of AQ such as Sales AQ, Interview AQ, Coaching AQ, and more, the book includes real-life examples of elevated answers.

With contributions from representatives of organizations such as Salesforce, Center for Healthcare Innovation, Boston Mutual Life Insurance, as well as academics, the book provides comprehensive insight into AQ from across the professional and research spaces. Giving readers access to an app allowing them to do an AQ self-assessment, the author equips his audience to use the skills and behaviours presented to improve and hone their own AQ.
Part 1. Answer Intelligence (AQ) Introduction 
Chapter 1. Answers deserve our attention
Chapter 2. AQ came from the Golf Course 
Chapter 3. AQ Explained Using AQ 
Part 2. 5 High AQ Practices 
Chapter 4. High AQ Practice 1: Provide six answers
Chapter 5. High AQ Practice 2: Answer twice
Chapter 6. High AQ Practice 3: Provide complements
Chapter 7. High AQ Practice 4: Answer with style
Chapter 8. High AQ Practice 5: Answer in context
Chapter 9. Behavioral and Cognitive Markers of High AQ 
Part 3. AQ Conversations 
Chapter 10. Interview AQ 
Chapter 11. Sales AQ 
Chapter 12. Coaching AQ 
Chapter 13. Brand AQ 
Chapter 14. Wealth Management AQ 
Chapter 15. Physician AQ 
Chapter 16. Learning and AQ 
Part 4. Do we need AQ? Yes
Chapter 17. Communication 
Chapter 18. Intelligence
Brian Glibkowski PhD is Associate Professor of Management at North Central College in Illinois, USA and CEO of Semplar Science Corp. His research focuses on the role of questions and answers in business and society.

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