Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2019 Vol: 39

Alexander W. Wiseman
Texas Tech University, USA

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17 Jun 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
392 pages - 152 x 229mm
International Perspectives on Education and Society
Since 2013, the Annual Review of Comparative and International Education has covered the significant developments in the field of comparative and international education. The Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2019 begins with a collection of reflection essays about comparative education trends and directions written by both professional and scholarly leaders in the field. Topics covered in the 2019 volume include major theoretical and methodological developments, reports on research-to-practice, area studies and regional developments, and the diversification of comparative and international education. A special introductory chapter builds on the assumption that scholarship and professional practice in comparative and international education often supports and encourages inclusiveness, interdisciplinarity, and contextualization in research and in the field. However, the introductory chapter interrogates the assumption that comparative and international education scholars and professionals promote these same concepts of gender equality, empowerment, and inclusiveness in the field itself.
Chapter 1. Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk 
Part 1. Comparative Education Trends and Directions.  
Chapter 2. Questioning "Theory to Practice" in Comparative and International Education 
Chapter 3. Meeting in the Middle: Expanding the Use of CIE Academic Research through Access, Relevance, and Practitioner Support 
Chapter 4. Storytelling and Communities of Research: Ideas for Closing the Research-Practice Gap in Education Chapter 5. From Theory to Use: Making Research More Usable and Useful for Educational Practitioners 
Chapter 6. International Education Matters 
Chapter 7. Race, Politics, and Geography of the Malaysian Education System 
Part 2. Conceptual and Methodological Developments 
Chapter 8. Economics and Finance of Education 
Chapter 9. Human Development and Capability Approach 
Chapter 10. A Global Equalizer? Education and the Recent Economic Convergence of World Countries 
Chapter 11. Exploring Comparative and International Education as a Meta-Assemblage 
Chapter 12. Using Ethnographic and Discourse Methods in Gender-focused Comparative and International Education Research 
Part 3. Research-To-Practice 
Chapter 13. How Well are We Measuring Access to Early Childhood Education? 
Chapter 14. "Satisficing" in Early Grade Reading 
Chapter 15. Comparative Perspectives on International Early Childhood Education in the Context of SDGs
Part 4. Area Studies and Regional Developments 
Chapter 16. Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education in Nepal 
Chapter 17. A Review of the Emerging Indigenous Pacific Research, 2000-2018 
Chapter 18. Language Revolution Part 5. Diversification of the Field 
Chapter 19. Education, Schooling, and Migration 
Chapter 20: Reflecting on Corruption in American and Russian Higher Education
Alexander W. Wiseman is Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy in the College of Education at Texas Tech University, USA. Dr. Wiseman holds a dual-degree Ph.D. in Comparative & International Education and Educational Theory & Policy from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Wiseman conducts internationally comparative educational and policy research and is the author of many research-to-practice articles and books. He serves as Senior Editor of the journal, FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, and as Series Editor for the International Perspectives on Education and Society.

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