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Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2015 Vol: 28

Alexander W. Wiseman
Lehigh University, USA

Emily Anderson
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Alexander W. Wiseman
Lehigh University, USA

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08 Jan 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
352 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
International Perspectives on Education and Society
The goal of the ARCIE volume is to examine current perspectives and future directions for the field using several essays as a context for discussion and analysis. The format of ARCIE pieces entails an analytic overview of published work in the field, noting key issues and future directions. It provides an important and well-cited international forum for the discussion of matters of comparative and international education theory, policy and practice.
PART I: INTRODUCTION Building a Foundation for Reflecting On Comparative and International Education: a Synthesis of Published Comparative Education Research - Alexander W. Wiseman, Emily Anderson, Petrina Davidson and Calley Stevens Taylor Mapping the Purposes of Comparative and International Education Research: A Comparative Study of Four Leading Journals - Stephanie A. Sell PART II: Comparative Education Trends and Directions Reflecting on Gender and Education Research and Practice in the Field Of Comparative and International Education: Past, Present, and Future - Caroline Manion Understanding the Internationalization Of Education and Its Demand for A Business of Knowledge: Emerging Issues And Discussions In Canadian Comparative And International Education - Lynette Shultz Facilitating Cie’S Journey Up Into the Educational Trenches: a Discussion Essay - Karen L. Biraimah Comparative Education in Egypt: Trends, Directions, and Aspirations - Ahmed Ismail Heggi Metaphorical Trajectories of Comparative and International Education Research in The Asia-Pacific - Brian D. Denman Czech Comparative Education: Revitalization, Issues and Trends - Eliska Walterova Comparative Education in an Age of Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities in Contemporary Italy - Anselmo R. Paolone Comparative and International Education in Germany: a Discussion of Current Trends - Marcelo Parreira Do Amaral and Hans-Georg Kotthoff PART III: CONCEPTUAL AND METHODOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS Reframing the Center: New Directions in Qualitative Methodology in International Comparative Education - Supriya Baily, Payal Shah and Meagan Call-Cummings Doing Mixed Methods Research in Comparative Education: Some Reflections on the Fit and a Survey of the Literature - Qiang Zha and Derrick Tu PART IV: RESEARCH-TO-PRACTICE Education for Youth at the Borderlands: Developing Comparative and International Education Between States - Allyson Krupar and Esther Prins Measuring Learning Outcomes in Kenya: Context and Perspectives - Laban P. Ayiro PART V: AREA STUDIES AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENTS Two Worlds Apart in Botswana’s Education System: Lessons from the 2010 Examinations Crisis Agreement - Lathi Jotia and Keene Boikhutso Stem Learning Achievement Among Cambodian Middle School Students: An Examination of Gender and Psychosocial Factors - Sothy Eng and Whitney Szmodis PART VI: DIVERSIFICATION OF THE FIELD National Postnational Transnational? Changing Conceptualizations of Citizenship in Comparative and International Education Research - Dobrochna Hildebrandt-Wypych
Edited by Alexander W. Wiseman, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA Emily Anderson, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

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