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An International Feminist Challenge to Theory Vol: 5

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13 Jun 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
264 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Gender Research


In this volume, 15 feminist scholars from five continents, who participated in the 1998 conference co-sponsored by Research Committee 32, Women in Society, of the International Sociological Association (WISISA) and the Centre for Research and Teaching on Women at McGill University, consider, critique and construct theories of society. Their papers examine four inter-related themes: an explicit or implicit acknowledgment and critique of the European Enlightenment as a basis for the modern production of knowledge; the use and utility of "gender" as a concept; problems and solutions in feminist theories of development; and the place of feminism in the production of knowledge and on-the-ground change. Each paper reflects the author's experience as a researcher, theorist or change agent, as well as the discussion and dialogue of the five-day conference.
EDITORIAL BOARD. Introduction: An international feminist challenge to theory. Women redefining politics: Between new challenges and old illusions. Theory incorporated. Feminism of color challenges white sociological theory and color-blind eco-feminism. The biomedical digitalization of women's bodies and women's body politics in the context of globalization: Challenges to women-and-health research. The nature/culture dualism in the Indian context. Postmodern feminism challenges organization theory. Much ado about gender: A conceptual travelogue. It's the 21st century — do you know what gender you are?. The devolution of women as a category in development theorizing: Is this an essential move?. Rethinking development from a feminist perspective. Sisters' keepers: Economic organizing among informally employed women in Turkey. In search of the good life: Feminist correctives to modernization theory. Theoretical approximations on the representations of feminism in recife-peFeminist Nebulosa:. Being a white Australian-Canadian feminist doing research with South Asian women of color in the diaspora: Crossing borders and boundaries, creating spaces. Can research, activism, and feminism converge? Some notes on collaborative action-oriented inquiry. About the contributors. Index.

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