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All That Glitters: Prospecting for Information in the Changing Library World Vol: 44

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22 Nov 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
208 pages - 156 x 234 x 12mm
Foundations in Library and Information Sciences
The impetus for this book on evaluation in the library context sprang from a poster session presented at the 1997 American Library Association Conference in San Francisco. Entitled, "Siren Song: The Lure of Technology and the Betrayal of Reality", the poster session focussed on teaching the need to evaluate information found on the Internet. This book affords us the opportunity to call upon several of the pioneers in Web source evaluation. The result is this collection of contributions from individuals who present their best thinking on the subject.
List of illustrations. Introduction: the siren's song (S. Vincent, S.K. Norman). Panning for gold in the cyberstream: the current state of the WWW and the need for teaching evalution skills (D. Cook). Obstacles to teaching novice researchers how to evaluate the quality of world wide web resources (S. Black). Evaluation workout: exercises and techniques to teach critical thinking about web resources (C. Doyle, J. Martorana). A web page is not a page: evaluating digital information (H. Kirkwood, D.S. Brandt). Evaluating WWW information: instruction methods in the electronic classroom (J. Dorner, S. Taylor). A renaissance in evalution skills: teaching students to evaluate information resources in a general education program (T.E. Jacobson). Teach them to fish in a digitized and non-digitized environment: demystifying print sources to create a balance between the electronic and traditional environments (B.P. Robinson). Using tabloid literature to teach critical reading skills in the internet era (D. Ream). Teaching web evaluation: meeting the challenge (M.A. Tate, J. Alexander). Exercises. Name that country! A map exercise as an introduction to the library reference collection (I. Tomljanovich). Sifting down to the gold: teaching students to critically examine web sites (J. Bockenstedt). TZMHR2: the Anderer eye test (N. Cooper). Panning for gold: evaluation through process research approach (S. Nisly-Nagele, Soo Lee). Life and death matter: information. Evaluation for nursing in the real world (S. Jamison, Soo Lee). About the editors. About the authors. Index.

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