Algorithms, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Implications for the Future of the Workplace

Gavin Brown
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Richard Whittle
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

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20 Jan 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
203 pages - 129 x 198mm
The Future of Work


The convergence of Algorithms, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the current world of work. This book investigates the effects of this on the worker, the organisation and the economy, by considering a future where the traditional power relationships between workers and firms no longer apply. 

Using the term “Bitwork” to define this future world of work, the book proposes the idea of the Bitworker who is highly flexible, holds multiple roles, and has multiple incomes. Chapters consider the potential winners and losers of this technological pivot by exploring implications such as: 
  • the expanding array of currencies; 
  • training and education; 
  • retirement and loyalty; 
  • profit and power within organizations; 
  • economic policy. 
The book’s comprehensive recommendations on how workers, organisations and nation states will need to adapt to prosper in this new world, provide a useful survival guide for researchers, practitioners and policy makers working on behavioural economics, economic policy and the future of work.
Chapter 1. Now I Know My ABC (Algorithms, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency)
Chapter 2. Internet Killed the Video Store: Lessons from History Repeated in the Blockchain World?
Chapter 3. Job 1 / Job 2 / Job 3 ... Job n
Chapter 4. The Future of Work: The Emergence of The Bitworker
Chapter 5. Profit and Power in the Bitworker World
Chapter 6. Managing the Bitworker Economy
Chapter 7. Conclusion, Recommendations and Survival Guide
Gavin Brown is an Associate Professor in Financial Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University where he is a member of The Future Economies Research Centre. He is an expert in cryptocurrency, having spoken on the subject to The House of Lords, H.M. Treasury, The Bank of England, and many more.
Richard Whittle is Chief Economist at the Future Economies University Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University and a research fellow in behavioural economics and policy. He has published numerous articles and policy papers, including for the CIPD and Money Advice Service.

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