Airport Design and Operation

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18 Jul 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
10 pages - 165 x 240 x 27mm


The annual number of airline passengers has continued to increase in the past decade, putting great strain on the airports. Increasing volumes of passengers and freight will continue making demands for expansion of airport facilities and construction of new airports. Traditionally airport design and airport operation have been treated separately, yet they are closely related and influence each other. Poor design adversely affects operation, while sound understanding of operation is needed to enable good design. The aim of this book is to present a new and integrated approach to the two.
Air Transport and Airports. Predicting Traffic. Airport Site Selection and Runway System Orientation. Runways. Runway Strips and Other Areas. Taxiways. Aprons. Pavements. Aircraft Ground Handling. Aircraft Refuelling. Cargo. Passenger Terminals. Security. Landside Access. Visual Aids for Navigation. Electrical Energy Supply. Radio Navigation Aids. Airport Winter Operation. Airport Emergency Services. Environmental Control. Prelims. Bibliography. Index.
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