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Airline Efficiency Vol: 5

John D. Bitzan
North Dakota State University, USA

James Peoples
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Wesley W. Wilson
University of Oregon, USA

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10 Jun 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Advances in Airline Economics


An efficient air transport system is critical to countries attaining and sustaining healthy economies in an increasingly interconnected world economy. Competing successfully now means quick shipping over long distances at reasonable rates. Societies also prosper when people from different countries can travel around the world using efficient transport. This volume includes literature surveys and original empirical research examining airline efficiency in the twenty first century. Topics cover airline productivity, sources of airline efficiency, the cost and scope of operations in airline transport; airline productivity for different global regions; methodologies estimating productivity growth and efficiency. Further chapters on sources of airline efficiency examine fuel efficiency differences, efficiency in different stages of production, and the contributions of technological change, mergers, and low-cost carrier competition to efficiency. Chapters on the cost and scope of operations examine all-cargo carrier efficiency, gains from airline/high speed-rail cooperation, and airport economies of scope in passenger and freight operations.
1. Introduction and Overview - John D. Bitzan, James H. Peoples and Wesley W. Wilson 2. Airline Productivity and Efficiency: Concept, Measurement, and Applications - Chunyan Yu 3. Benchmarking US All-Cargo Carriers: a Productivity and Cost Competitiveness Analysis - Matteo Balliauw, Hilde Meersman, Evy Onghena and Eddy Van De Voorde 4. Ground and Network Efficiency Drivers in African Airlines: a Two-Stage Network DEA Approach - Carlos Pestana Barros and Peter Wanke 5. Modeling Airline Efficiency – a Comparison of International Airlines Using Data Envelopment Analysis Stefan Sjogren 6. The Effects of Mergers on Airline Performance and Social Welfare - Jia Yan, Xiaowen Fu, Tae Hoon Oum and Kun Wang 7. Airline Mergers in the United States Since 2005: What Impact Have They Had on Airline Efficiency? - Mark R. Greer 8. Air Transport and High Speed Railway: How Would Collaboration Affect Service Performance? - Mikio Takebayashi 9. Managing Freight Operations Chains of Passenger Airlines at International Airports - Rico Merkert and David Wayne Alexander 10. Multi-Product Cost Analysis of US Airports - Patrick McCarthy 11. Regional Development and Airport Productivity in China - Clement Kong Wing Chow, Michael Ka Yiu Fung and Japhet Sebastian Law 12. Airline Fuel Efficiency: Assessment Methodologies and Applications in the US Domestic Airline Industry - Bo Zou, Irene Kwan, Mark Hansen, Dan Rutherford and Nabin Kafle 13. The Convergence of Low-Cost and Legacy Airline Operations - Kevin E. Henrickson and Wesley W. Wilson
Edited by John D. Bitzan, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA James H. Peoples, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA Wesley W. Wilson, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA

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