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Aging and the Family: Understanding Changes in Structural and Relationship Dynamics Vol: 17

Patricia Neff Claster
Edinboro University, USA

Sampson Lee Blair
The State University of New York, USA

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25 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
As family structures continue to evolve, aging relatives have caused increasing concern for family members as they attempt to manage complex issues such as health, caregiving, emotional and instrumental support, and intergenerational relationships. This multidisciplinary volume focuses on how aging interacts with family structures and relationship dynamics. 

Including research from around the globe, the authors address a wide array of topics, including family support networks, elderly care, grandparenthood, marital dynamics and satisfaction, elderly divorce, cohabitation, gender, and intergenerational relationships, and more. Paying homage to the fact that the manners by which aging affects families can vary considerably from one culture to another, this collection makes a crucial contribution by collating research on aging and the family from an international perspective. Providing this wide scope of quality research, the volume equips readers to better assess how aging and its related issues are affecting families from multiple backgrounds.
Chapter 1. Older Adults and Care – Reshaped Family Roles in Societal Change. A Comparative Study between Japan, South Korea and Sweden; Els-Marie Anbäcken, Anna-Lena Almqvist, Carl Johansson, Kazushige Kinugasa, Miho Obata, Jinhee Hyun, Jinsook Lee, and Young Joon Park 
Chapter 2. The Care of Older Adults in The Vietnamese Family and Related Issues; Nguyen Huu Mi and Phan Thi Mai Huong 
Chapter 3. “Family Members do Give Hard Times”: Home Health Aides’ Perceptions of Worker-Family Dynamics in the Home Care Setting; Emily Franzosa, Emma K. Tsui
Chapter 4. The Relationship between Caregiving Duration, Paid Leave, and Caregiver Burden; Hien T. La, Cassandra L. Hua, J. Scott Brown 
Chapter 5. Gender Differences in Grandparent Caregiving and Life Satisfaction of Older Jamaicans; Nekehia T. Quashie, Julian G. McKoy Davis , Douladel Willie-Tyndale, Kenneth Jame, Denise Eldemire-Shearer 
Chapter 6. Caregiving Grandmothers and Depressive Symptoms in South Korea; Seung-won Emily Choi and Zhenmei Zhang 
Chapter 7. The Meaning of “Filial Piety” to Older Chinese Parents; Yiqing Yang  
Chapter 8. Geography Matters. The Role of Non-Cohabiting Elderly in the Individuals’ Perception about the Quality of Life in a Medium-Size Portuguese City; Rosalina Pisco Costa 
Chapter 9. Being Women and Growing Old – Social Construction of Identities and Experiences of Ageing in Contemporary Indian Families; Chitra S. Nair 
Chapter 10. Sexual Satisfaction in Long-Term Marriages: Studying the Effect of Nonsexual Predictors in Old Couples; Josip Obradović, Mira Čudina 
Chapter 11. Parental Divorce and Social Support Networks in Younger and Older Adults: Extending Modes of Biographical Disruption; Kelsey N. Mattingly 
Chapter 12. Social Network Experiences of Older Adults: Differences by Gender and Relationship Status;   Ashley E. Ermer 
Chapter 13. Marital Satisfaction in Older Adults; Brynn Thompson
Patricia Neff Claster is a Family Sociologist and Professor at Edinboro University, USA. Her teaching and research interests center on gender, intimate relationships, and child and adolescent development. She is also the Editor of Sociological Viewpoints, the journal of the Pennsylvania Sociological Society. 

Sampson Lee Blair is a Family Sociologist and Demographer at The State University of New York, USA. His research focuses upon parent-child relationships, mate selection, marriage, and fertility. A Fulbright Scholar Award recipient, he has served as chair of the Children and Youth research section of the ASA, and has taught in China and the Philippines.

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