African American Rural Education: College Transitions and Postsecondary Experiences Vol: 7

Crystal R. Chambers
East Carolina University, USA

Loni Crumb
East Carolina University, USA

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09 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education
Despite comprising the largest minority in rural settings, the literature to date largely subsumes African American rural students into a broader set of Black and African American students, with a primarily urban focus. This volume focuses on the higher education pathways of rural African American students and highlights their experiences in US colleges and universities. 

Addressing the fact that rural students have higher high school graduation rates than their urban peers but are less likely to take paths towards higher education, the authors identify research needs, areas of concerns, and strategies to encourage and sustain greater postsecondary participation among African Americans from rural settings. Contributors to the volume address the meaning of race and place, cultural capital, gender dynamics, gifted education, college choice, teacher and education leader preparation, campus programming and the role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, with specific reference to African American rural students, to pin down a clear picture of the barriers and drivers of their higher education journeys.
Chapter 1. Passport with No Access: The Habitus and Cultural Capital Influences of Rural, African American and Low Socioeconomic Status Students’ College Aspirations; Cara M. Gafford 
Chapter 2. Black, Gifted, and Living in the ‘Country’: Searching for Equity and Excellence in Rural Gifted Education Programs; Joy Lawson Davis, Donna Y. Ford, James L. Moore III, Erinn Fears Floyd 
Chapter 3. Black Males in Rural Contexts: Challenges and Opportunities; Erik M. Hines, James L. Moore. III, Renae D. Mayes, Paul C. Harris, Paul Singleton, II, Christian M. Hines, Chris J. Harried, Bobbi-Jo Wathen 
Chapter 4. #BlackGirlMagic: The (Mis)education of Gifted Black Girls from Economically Disadvantaged, Rural Communities; Raven K. Cokley, Loni Crumb 
Chapter 5. The Privileged Rural: The College Experiences of Rural African Americans; Jamon Flowers 
Chapter 6. Rural Pathways to Higher Education: The Role of Mathematics Achievement and Self-Efficacy for Black Students; Crystal R. Chambers 
Chapter 7. Rural, Black, and Distant: Building Relationships to Foster Higher Education Access; Jason Combs, Michelle L. Boettcher, Amber Lange, Sara Hanks 
Chapter 8. The Culturally Relevant Classroom Management (CRCM) Competence of Novice Teachers; Tremaine R. Young, Crystal R. Chambers 
Chapter 9. Advancing Rural Administrators and Teacher Leaders: Educational Opportunity in the Alabama Black Belt; Tricia J. Stewart, Nicole DeRonck 
Chapter 10. Outsiders Within: Critical Perspectives of Black/African American Women Teaching Multicultural Counseling in Rural Appalachia; Adrienne Erby, Dominque S. Hammonds
Crystal R. Chambers is Professor of Educational Leadership at East Carolina University, USA, where she was the recipient of the Andrew Carnegie Fellowship in 2018. Her areas of expertise focus on issues of race and gender in higher education and include college choice, faculty advancement, and doctoral education.  

Loni Crumb is Assistant Professor in the Counselor Education Program at East Carolina University, USA, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her research interests include counseling in rural areas, rural education, promoting retention and persistence of underserved students in higher education, and college student mental health.

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