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Aesthetics of Law and Culture: Texts, Images, Screens Vol: 34

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01 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society


This special volume of "Studies in Law, Politics, and Society - The Aesthetics of Law and Culture: Texts, Images, Screens" - examines practices of representation and their relation to juridical and cultural formations. The chapters range across the media of speech and writing, word and image, legislation and judgment, literature, cinema and photography. The contributions draw on disciplines including jurisprudence, literary criticism, philosophy, cinema studies, art and visual studies, cartography, historiography and medicine. They are ordered according to four prominent themes in contemporary, theoretically informed critical scholarship: Crime Scenes: Sexuality and Representation; Sites Unsaid: Testimony, Image, Genre; (Post) Colonial Appropriations; and Screen Culture: Sovereignty, Cinema and Law.
Alter Egos: The mise-en-scene of law and aesthetics. (P.D. Rush, A.T. Kenyon). Part I: Crime Scenes: Sexuality and Representation. Exhibiting the Hymen: The Blank Page between Law and Literature. (N. Philadelphoff-Puren). 'It forced me to open more than I could bear': HAD, Paedophilia, and the Discursive Limits of the Male Heterosexual Body. (B. Golder). Arresting Images / Fugitive Testimony: the resistant photography of Evergon. (D. Dalton). Part II: Sites Unsaid: Testimony, Image, Genre. The Trial: Elements of a Legal Assemblage of Desire. (E. Mussawir). Character Evidence and the Literature of the Theophrastan Character: A Phenomenology of Testimony. (M. FitzGerald). Injury as Melodrama. (S. Hardy). Graven Images: 'The Hart Island Project'. (R. Scott Bray). Part III: (Post)Colonial Appropriations. Awash in a Tide of History: 'Responsibility' for Cultural Violence A Comparative Analysis of Nulyrimma and Voss. (L. Godden). Cartography, Property and the Aesthetics of Place: Mapping Native Title in Australia. (A. Reilly). Gods and Humans. (N. Hussain). Part IV: Screen Culture: Sovereignty, Cinema and Law. Unworking Death in 'Unforgiven': Law, Ethos, Violence. (T.L. Dumm). Sovereign Contempt. (P.J. Hutchings). One Recht to Rule Them All! Law's Empire in the Age of Empire. (W. MacNeil).

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